Sunday, June 21, 2009

England, here we come

For the past couple of months David has been applying for med-school, DO school and also has applied to the Caribbean med-schools. He applied to 4 Caribbean schools but he had his top pick. He has interviewed at all of them and we waited patiently for the answers, especially from St. George in Grenada. He received his answers from the other 3 schools and was accepted but he wanted to go to St. George, so over 3 weeks after his interview he received a phone call and he is accepted to St. George... yeah!!!! we are going to Grenada.... how fun, beach and sunshine, I was all set. I was mentally prepared for 20 months on the island. The university said they would FedEx our stuff so we could start on the visas and housing and such. I received the package Friday afternoon and all I was reading was housing for England, visas' for England, living expenses for England. What!!!???? so I called up David and he called his advisor. Apparently David applied for a study program that allowed the student to study 2 semesters in New Castle England and then the last semesters in Grenada and David was accepted to that program.... so now we are going to New Castle upon Tyne, England. He is still going to St. George, all of the curriculum, teachers, tests, everything is from St. George, but the campus is in England. It is at the Northumbria University.
So we are moving to England on August 8. We will store all of our stuff here in Charleston and go back west for a short time to be with our family then head to England for 9 months then on to Grenada. Crazy but exciting times. I look forward to the adventure and experiences that await our family.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I turn 30

yes, it is true. I have joined the 30 and older club. I can't believe it. Usually birthday's come and go and I am really not phased by it but this one seemed to have significance for some reason. I felt like it was a defining time, "what have I done before 30" I felt like I should be running a marathon or participate in a triathlon to feel like I am accomplished at 30. Well none of those things happened but I realized that I had already accomplished a lot in the decade of my 20's. Why try to cram one more thing in just to do something for when I am 30? I will do a lot during my decade of 30's, maybe run a marathon, triathlon, or maybe even move to the Caribbean.;) So I didn't do anything spectacular for when I turned 30, but I did have a great time.
David was scheming all week and I knew nothing about it. To pre-empt this story, when my sister Tiffany turned 30, I drove down to Orlando and surprised her and then her friends threw her a "wigging out" party in which we all wore wigs and our pajamas and went to Uno's pizza and got dessert. i thought it was the coolest thing.
Anyway, Wednesday night David got a call at 11:15 at night and it was our friend Paul. David gets up and tells me that he has to go help Paul get raccoons out of an apartment downtown. Now Paul has been notorious for calling at random times for random things, but this seemed to top it. I couldn't believe it that David was leaving at 11:30 at night. I kind of thought he was up to something but I couldn't figure it out. Was he decorating for me, maybe shopping... I didn't know but he was gone for over an hour and I started to get more and more curious. It started to rain and a huge thunder and lightning storm came it so my nerves were on edge also. All of a sudden I hear a girls voice and little kids voice and I was even more confused, then walks in my sister and her three kids from Kentucky. they had come down to surprise me for my birthday. So my sister came and we played at the beach and I, unfortunately had to go to work for a few hours but when I came back there was a party waiting for me. A few of my friends were there to surprise me. It was a great party. David had done so much scheming and planning but it was awesome.
I had a great time with my sister and her family and I was blessed to have them miss their flight and they stayed an extra day. Thanks TIFF !!!!!
Here are a few pics of the party and notice that the "wigging out" wig has been passed down to the next generation... watch out David you are next.

Fenton the stud

Fenton is getting funner and cuter everyday. He is 9 months now and taking steps everyday. We went to a little spray park by the river and he had a blast.

Also, David has wanted to buy some church clothes for our little man so we bought some.... seriously, he looks like a little banker. (Notice the red matching tie with his dad and his shiny black shoes.) we love him!!!!