Sunday, May 31, 2009

some cute pics

That is the effects of the first red vine, as you can tell he loved it.

he is standing up by himself

Blake comes in

I have been selfish in my church calling.
I called my brother about 2 months ago and asked if he could come down and speak at one of our enrichment days in May. Yes, he is a great speaker and would inspire the women, but truly I just wanted him to come down and visit and if this is the way to do it then so be it.
We had a great enrichment activity. Blake was awesome !!!!! All of the women commented on how funny he was, and how they could have been in that class for hours. Thanks Blake for such a great class!
The sisters then proceeded on to the other classes of bread making, couponing and canning. It was so fun to have the women get in and actually do it, touch the dough, cut the beans, start their couponing book. At one point while I was doing the beans I looked around and thought this is what Relief Society is truly about, the women getting together talking and learning a skill from another woman that has that talent. It was such a great activity.
After the activity Blake and David and I played some racquetball and Eliza and Fenton just watched, although Eliza had an "emergency". Lets just say that I had to run her to the bathroom and put her in the shower, no other details are needed.
We played in the pool for a little bit then we headed down town. We went for a little walk and gave Blake the best tour we could of historic downtown.
We then were famished and got some food and headed to the hockey game. The local semi-pro team, the stingrays, where in the Kelly cup, which is equivalent to the Stanley cup but in their division. The Stringrays were 3 to 1 and this game could be the final game so we got some tickets and went.
I brought some warm pajamas for the kids and I brought a portable DVD players for Eliza and we stayed for 3 hours. Fenton was a little concerned about all of the sound but drank it all in, but Eliza was great with her headphones on watched Little mermaid. It was really cute and it allowed us to stay for the whole game.
We had a such a great weekend. I love my family!!!

Memorial day

Memorial day was so great for us. we went to the local water park on James Island. it was so fun and so family oriented. They had extra life jackets for all of the kids so that was fun to not have to worry the whole time about Eliza. There was a huge splash area for Eliza and she loved it. Splashing and walking around playing with all of the other kids there. Fenton was on the wading side and crawled around and splashed.
We took eliza with her life jacket into the regular pool and let her practice swimming and she did great. She loved that she was in control of where she went. She is coming along way with swimming and it is exciting.
We later cooked out and had a great evening on our deck. We set up the tent inside and watched a movie from the tent. We tried to sleep in it but Eliza was too excited and by 10:30 we put her in her bed and we slept in ours. A perfect way to camp, inside, with AC, with popcorn and a movie, then in our own beds. teeheehee.
What a great day with our kids.


David has been interviewing for Med schools and the interviews seem to be happening on Tuesdays. He doesn't want to miss work so he works from 3:00 am to 10:00 then we all hop in the car and drive for 3 hours to his interview while he sleeps in the car and then he interviews while we play.
well we headed up to Charlotte and right next door to his appointed interview was a children's museum and it was awesome. Eliza and Fenton loved it. They both played in the water for a long time then just loved that there was a whole area dedicated to little people. It was so fun to have them play while I relaxed and watched them.
The next Tuesday we ran up to Augusta and on the way David dropped us off at the Columbia zoo. it was so fun. Not very many people and not too hot. Surprisingly, Eliza loved the reptile and aquarium. We looked at the monkeys, lions, birds, hyenas, penguins, and bears and had a Slurpee afterward. Fenton was thoroughly entertained by just walking around outside. David called and said that he was going to be an extra hour and it was getting hot so we went in to the air conditioned area with the fishes and Eliza stayed there for 35 minutes. She just sat in front of the huge fish tank that was the size of the whole wall and watched. She would ask "where is Dori" and then say "I'll keep looking" it was such a game for her and she oohed and ahhed when the fish that looked like dori came swimming by.
My favorite part was the Gorilla. it is so great how they show them. there were 3 of them and they have a full wall of windows and the gorillas just sat next to them looking at us. They are such an impressive animal. Eliza was ok with it until one of them grabbed their food and sat right in front of where Eliza was and she was scared. she wanted to go home.
We had some great times on the road these last couple of days.

Mother's Day

I know that mother's day was a while ago but I have to tell you what I got. I told David exactly what I wanted and guess what, I got it. It was nice for david so he didn't have to guess or wander. I think that I may start doing that more often, telling him exactly what I want.
So I asked for a printed book of this blog. For any of you that are thinking about it, I would highly recommend it. David worked on it to add extra pics and put in a dedication page and have a cool front and back cover but I got it last week and I love it.
It is 60 pages and hardback. It looks awesome. It was so fun to have a year of my life printed out with pics in a book that is so thin. It is an awesome journal. It was a easy way for me to record my year.
So my hope is to it have an addition to that book every year and have a good looking matching printed, with pics, journal set.
Thanks David, it is great....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fenton is growing up

Fenton is 8 months old getting so big. He just started to get his new tooth. He is standing up by himself. He gets everywhere and fast. At the cabin I thought he was with David and I start going up the stairs and there is Fenton half way up the stairs all by himself. he also can maneuver getting down one stair, to go outside, or in our house. He is amazing. he was so cute at the cabin. Eliza and all of her friends her age or older were running around on the deck outside and Fenton heads out and starts to crawl around with them and pull himself up on everything. He just wants to play with the big kids.

I love him and little smile.

Maggie Valley

This last weekend we headed North to Maggie Valley. It is just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. we met up with our friends the Osorios who were in town for the week. they have a little boy Eliza's age and a little boy Fenton's age. We had such a great time. We rented a cabin and played pool, went for hikes and shopped a bit. We played games and enjoyed the storms that approached us. The kids were so entertaining. they played with the bubbles and balls and just ran around outside. Eliza was a great little hiker. She tried to pick the easiest route but she was up to most of the challenges. Fenton did great and endured the really windy day.
It was a great relaxing weekend in the mountains with our friends.