Monday, June 30, 2014

We bought a house

We went house shopping one weekend and we loved this house.  It is nothing fancy but to us it was awesome.  It has 4 bedroom, office, living space, 3 bathrooms.  We got a master bathroom and a fireplace.  The backyard has 7 fruit trees and it is on a very quiet street up on a hill with a view and a block from trails up in the mountains.  It was perfect for us and we love it.  We are so grateful that we could have the beautiful house.  We feel truly blessed.

Fenton graduates, we moved to Pocatello

 I put Fenton in Kindergarten for 6 weeks and they had a little graduation.  His teacher was Aunt Deanna.  I will Fenton back into kindergarten in Pocatello because he didn't do a full year and he will probably graduate again but I thought he was so dang cute.

 yep spiderman anywhere and everywhere.
 We accumulated more stuff just in the 7 weeks in Twin Falls.  This is how we moved to Pocatello.  Packed the little truck Melinda is so graciously letting us borrow and our van to the brim, but we made it.  Pocatello here we come.

The green machine

My parents came up for a weekend and we had a great garage sale.  I was so proud of my mom to purge so much stuff.  It is a great start.  We put our loving green machine (boat) for sale and we sold it.  It was a sad day but it was time for it to retire.  We had used it and got great memories in it.  We went to the river so much in my life.  It was second nature for me to ski and to boat.  I love the feeling of skiing on glass water down in the canyon.  We used to play golf, volleyball, Frisbee, BBQ, and ski all summer long.  That is what my summer memories are of.  A retired Navy man bought the boat and said he would take care of it and go fishing with it. Isn't that what you are supposed to do when you retire, fish?  so the green machine can now retire.  

Idaho May 2014

 We went to a scout arama and the kids had a great time trying out the rope bridge, shooting practice, turtle races, making a fire, and crafts.  It was a fun free Saturday out.

 My nephew made it to state in tennis so we went to watch him.  The kids watched for a minute then played most of the time.  They hunted butterflies, blew dandylions and made tracks for pinecones.  It was a fun weekend with family.

At grandmas house, the boys are just playing in dirt, like boys are supposed to do.

Easter 2014 and cousins and Jive

 When we got to Utah we hung out with a lot of cousins.  Here we were at a little farm and I found a snake and Fenton being the animal lover that he is, he picked it up and thought it was a beautiful beautiful snake.  What a cute boy.
 Easter in Twin Falls.  Carter got a spiderman outfit and wore it all of the time.  We thought it was the cutest thing, we just kept asking, "Have you seen spiderman" if we couldn't find him. 
 Easter with Wyatt
 Easter in Grandma's backyard

 I put Eliza and Fenton into school in Twin Falls for about 6 weeks and they loved it.  Jive, the local performing choir had a performance with Frozen and I could put the kids in.  They loved it. 

Crazy hair day at school.

We Matched, We moved, We hit Thunder of Louisville

 We found out in March that we matched with Pocatello, Id.  It was a very emotional match for me.  I wanted David to get his #1 in Detroit and OB/GYN but I was so relieved and happy to be back in Idaho.  We decided within 24 hours that we were going to move back to Twin Falls for a few weeks and save some money so we can look and buy a house in Pocatello.  We started to pack and sell lots of things and we moved 2 1/2 weeks later.  We took Eliza out of school and that was the saddest thing to me.  She had some great friends and she was so successful and a leader in her class, but I knew that she would bloom anywhere she is planted.    We also left behind some great friends we will never forget or replace.  They helped us out so much and were our family in Detroit.  We are going to miss them terribly.
We planned our trip across country to coordinate with Thunder of Louisville.  We wanted to see my sister one more time and Thunder is just awesome.  We got a ABF truck and loaded it up, them loaded up our van to the very top and then headed south.  We stayed the weekend with my sister and had such a great time, fireworks, airshow, horse races, David lost and found his wedding ring.  It was great. 
Eliza's last day of school with all of her class. 
Then we started our trek across the country on Monday.  We hit the St. Louis Zoo.  It is a free zoo but usually parking is $15.  We got there so early that they didn't charge us and then the Merry-go-round was free until 10:00 so we hit that.  No one was there so it was awesome, we got to see some awesome animals with no one to contend with.  Later that day we hit Liberty Jail.  That was a great place to stop.  We continued to the end of Kansas for our first day.  We headed  all the way to Utah on Tuesday.  That was the longest stretch because there is not a lot in Wyoming but we made it in 2 days.  The kids were so great, playing games, switching around eating snacks.  It was actually a very pleasant experience that I was dreading.  It is so great to be back west with beautiful mountains and wonderful weather.