Friday, March 28, 2008

Chester, Easter,USC

Those of you that know me, my first car I ever purchased with my own money was Chester. It was a mitsubishi Galant. I sold it last week. As our family is growing we decided it would be best to get a mini-van. We purchased a mini van last October at an auto auction and we have been trying to sell Chester ever since. We are now a one car family again. I will miss my first car.

Easter went really well. We just did a private easter egg hunt with our friends and their little boy. We b-b-qed some meat and had a great dinner. Eliza did well picking up the eggs and putting them in the basket. She looked really cute in the dress but the bow didn't survive all of church.

David had an interview with USC which is in Columbia, SC. He felt it went well. We will find out in a couple of weeks about that school.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Dress

Well, I attempted to make Eliza an Easter dress. I looked for one that I liked and I didn't love any of them. So I ventured and tried to sew. I have sewn before but very badly, very seldom, and under my mothers constant supervision.

I started the dress last Friday and finished today. I called my mom several times, even to figure out how to cut the pattern out of the material. I learned a lot... patterns have horrible verbal instructions and even worse visual instructions. I felt like I was building something and had to keep thinking of the final product and how all of the pieces were going to fit together. I would mess up, a lot, then stop and think and try to reason how everything goes together, with the seams in and zipper in the right place. Well almost every major stitch that I did, I had to undo, but still, in less than 1 week I finish. There are a lot of flaws and if you never look closely it looks ok.

I bought the material for $1 a yard so the dress probably was about $5-$6... then I went to Wal-mart and saw some super cute Easter dresses for $9... I wondered why I was going through the trouble to have a dress that wasn't nearly as cute. Well it is for my pride so say I made my daughter a dress.

at the beach

well it is getting nice here in Charleston. We average about 65-70 degrees. We attempted to go to the beach. It is always windier there and a few degrees colder so we still had to wear jackets. Anyway here are some pics of Eliza at the beach last weekend. She sat and played with a bucket and shovel for 45 minutes. She loved it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

storm in South Carolina

I am not sure if you all new about the tornado that went through Atlanta and tore up a couple of buildings, well that same storm system went through South Carolina. We knew that we would get a little bit of a thunder storm but we didn't know how bad.
Thunder storms happen often here and they are usually accompanied by a tornado warning. Generally it is a precautionary step just in case. Well last night we had a tornado watch. They had at least 3 tornado sightings. We watched the weather last night and the storm was coming right toward us. The big red and pink blobs on the weather channel were heading right for down town and we were in the way. There was a lot of lightning and thunder and we were just aware of what was going on.
As the storm approached I took Eliza from sleeping upstairs to downstairs with us. We watched as the weathermen were telling each specific section to take cover and be in their safe areas of their homes. Well, they finally told West Ashley to get into their safe areas. So all 3 of us got in the bathroom underneath the stairs and got some headlamps, water, food, the portable radio (thanks mom) and Mr. Potato head and were in the bathroom listening to the weather man on TV for about 20 minutes. We just sat there playing Mr. Potato head on the seat of our toilet for 20 minutes. Mind you, our bathroom is 3 feet by 4 feet with a toilet in the middle... very small quarters.
We heard the rain and the thunder but we were safe. The storm passed us fine but about 30 miles north of us a tornado was said to have touched down in a trailer park and took several trailors.
Anyway, we are fine, but still I was greatful that we had a 72 hour kit ready with water and such.

new calling

well as some of you know I was released as the Young women president a couple of weeks ago. they have me busy again. I have been called as the Relief Society 2nd Counselor. that is over the enrichment stuff. I have some great women to work with that will be my creative mind and I will just learn to organize and deligate.... and learn to communicate from the council to the presidency. If any of you have great ideas, please send them my way.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Done with coaching

well today was the allstar game. I coached all season and they asked me to coach the allstars. it was 9 girls and we practiced all week.

The tournament was single elimination and we got a by so we were already in the semi-finals. Am I a great coach or what.

Well we played this morning adn it was a great little game. We were down the 2nd quarter 2-9 and we came back 11-9 by half time. After that we just continued to play well but the other team stepped it up and beat us 29-18. It was a good little game.

I stayed and watched the next game, which the winners would be who would have played if we won. Well lets just say I am glad we lost. The other two teams were in a different league... they were that good. They were shot faking, no-look passing and were a lot taller. My team was still trying to perfect throwing it in after a shot had been made. Like I said they were just head and shoulders above our abilities. I am glad we didn't play them. They said that last year they killed the other team 50-10. So the season is over but I learned a lot and got some coaching experienc.e

Eliza's new shoes.

I love little kid shoes so now that Eliza has grown out of her shoes I was more than happy to look for some more. There were some super cute crocs but they cost a lot of money. We found some other cute ones too. Also I found out that Eliza loves her shoes that she has now. She would throw a fit every time we wanted to try other ones on her. Anyway we bought her a pair of flip-flops and some croc look a likes. she will learn to love them.

very first blog

Well I have joined the 20th century and have started a blog. Even my dad has a blog so I had to keep up with him.
David and I are still in Charleston South Carolina and Eliza is 14 months old. She is the joy of our lives.
David has applied to med-school and we are still waiting to hear back from MUSC. He interviewed there and he will get an answer soon. He also has an interview at USC next month. We should really hear with in the next month if he is accepted at either school. it is a long waiting game.
I was just released as YW president. It is mixed feelings but I am glad to be back in RS.
I was volunteer coaching at Daniel island 10 year old girls basketball. They asked me to coach the allstars. crazy huh.
I am also about 15 weeks pregnant.
well that will catch you up a little.