Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Random pics

 We were in coloring funk for a while.  We colored everywhere we went.  It was so fun.
 Carter with his crazy hair
 Eliza went to a birthday party with a Harry Potter theme.  She dressed up like Hermoine.  I thought she looked great.

 Some more hairstyles for St. Patrick's day
 Eliza won citizen of the month.  She has been working and wanting this for so long.  I was so proud of her.

 Fenton got citizen of the week.  He is such a great student and nice kid.  I sure love this school who acknowledges good behavior and grades.
Cookie cutters that my mom used to use.  Brought back a lot of memories.

Provo city center Temple open house

 We went to the Provo temple open house and met up with our dear friends the Osorios.  We went through the new Church history museum.  We stayed up at the condo in Park City.  We sled and had hot cocoa.  We also had the chance to see our new niece Penny.  She is so cute.

Carter turned 5

 We had a star wars party for Carter.  He turned 5 and had a great day.  

 Carter had a field trip to Jamba Juice. He loves his little pre school
Carter had another little part at grandma and grandpa's.  

Christmas 2015 January 2016

 Eliza in her clogging costume.  She danced to "Pink Panther"

 Eliza turned 9. 

 Christmas Ward Party.  

 Hung out with Uncle Blake and played cornhole in his garage.  Of course the kids had to ware their protective head gear.:)

 Grandma and Grandpa Carter came up for Christmas and we had a blast.  We got in the hot tub while it was snowing, rolled around in the snow, opened presents, and played games.  What a fun Christmas!
 I experimented on Eliza's hear.  It turned out really good

 We got so much snow this year.  We built a snowman and a snow fort.
 We went on a date to lazer tag.  We had fun running around and shooting each other.  David was awesome.
Some of the cousins at Uncle Jason's house.  They love doing skits and playing with each other.