Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my quirks

ok, I am doing this link thing.
my quirks

1. I hate it when while I am eating I get food on my face, so eating a sandwich or hamburger, I eat it really cautiously. And I can't stand it when others have food on their face. Like crazy game shows that have whipped cream or pizza smeared in their face... hate it.

2. I love to throw things away. I will drink that last of the milk just to throw the jug away.

3. Along with throwing things away, I love to consolidate things, so I will throw things out if I can fit something in a box, bucket ect.

4. I love to vacuum tile. I did this on my mission almost everyday because all of the floors were tile. I love that I have a mess and I can visually see it go away when I vacuum.

5. Like my sister I have to pull the hair out of my brush after I use it. I am also obsessed with taking the loose hairs off my back or arm ect.

6. I brush my teeth in the morning before breakfast. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night and brush my teeth because they feel nasty.

Ok.... now I am tagging Liz Bates, Debbie Heim, Kelli Packer, and mom.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The extension

ON the side of the house we added the master suite, laundry room, dining room and pantry. Here are a few pics of those right now. We still need to put doors on the laundry room but you get the idea.

That door leads to a walk-in closet and behind the door is our shower.

after 4 months

After purchasing a new home in July we have finally moved into on November 7. We were homeless for about 5 days but we finally moved in. We had to be out of our apartment on November 4 so we moved all of our stuff over to our new, unfinished home and stayed the night at our friends house. We had power, gas, and water going by the end of the week so we had our first night in our new home on Friday. Our friends were super generous in letting us stay at their home for 4 nights. During that time, I spent my time at the house putting boxes away and making it liveable. It had no shelves or rods in the closet, no shelves in the pantry or laundry room, no TP holders or shower curtains. Now the house is close to being done. We have a few things to finish up, like caulking lots of little things, fixing holes in the wall, screwing in the sink and dishwasher, and fixing some electrical outlets. WE do have carpet, paint, tile, power water, heat. We even have a deck now. That is the one manly thing that David wanted to do so we have a deck in the back and they finished it in about 3 hours.

We wanted the rooms to be in perfect condition before taking pics but I doubt that will ever happen so we will show you how things are looking now, knowing that we still have saws and drills all over our house.
so here are a few befores and afters. Also if you so desire you can look back at the previous blogs in July and August and see what this house has gone through. David has worked so hard.
The kitchen. Pretty sad huh!>?!

and after... doesn't it look better. There is a bar on the left hand side so it is super open and it looks right into the living room. There is a lot of light and that one space on the wall between cupboards now has some open shelves for cook books. David did an awesome job.
The kids bathroom before... very scary This is the kids bathroom. much better. There is a cupboard behind the door with linens and things (not the store). There is still some work that needs to be done.
We will put some pics on later.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

sad halloween

We are sorry to announce that we had a boring and sad Halloween. The whole Hirschi family is and has been sick. Even Fenton has a little cough so we stayed home last night. We wanted to go to a party that the Cox's were throwing but we were just feeling lousy. David is miserable and Fenton has the saddest little cough. Eliza and I are getting over our sickness. SO we do not have any fun or cute pictures to post.
The house is almost livable. We are finishing with the carpet on Monday, the duct work, and hooking up the electrical and gas on Monday. We have scheduled the Certificate of Occupancy for Monday. we will be moved by Monday night and if we don't pass or if the inspection doesn't happen then we will be living on the street, just kidding, we will be staying at our friends house.
The house looks good, with things still to work on. We will have pictures next week when things settle down.
speaking of settling down, it seems that everything always culminates at one time. Truly finishing the house, sickness, Halloween, super Saturday, teaching RS, packing, and moving all happening in a three days time. What to do????