Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New York City

 David's graduation was in NYC and we were blessed to go have him walk.  My brother was very sweet and set us up with some tickets for the weekend.  We have a cousin that we stayed with so it was a quick, very full weekend. 
We left the airport off of a redeye at 7 AM and went straight to the Freedom tower and the memorials of the Twin Towers.  We then found a great hole in the wall breakfast place.  All of the construction workers were eating there so we knew it was good, and it was!  We then walked down town near Walstreet toward Brooklyn bridge.  We then went to the MET, took a nap, back downtown to try to go to a show (that didn't work) and hit a movie, but not before finding a Cake Boss bakery.  We loved it.  We walked Times square then home. 
The next day was his graduation and I had got us reservations to a nice breakfast place and it was sooo good.  Then off to graduation.  It was so awesome for him to be apart of that ceremony.  He had finally finished it and it was a great finish to his schooling.  It was held at the Lincoln center.  After we went to the temple across the street.  We came back to central park and rented some tandem bikes and rode around.  It was awesome, so fun!!!  We went the Cloisters and then to a movie at times square, then left the next day for home.  It was so fun for it to be just us running around NYC.  Congratulations David and thanks for all of the adventures.  You are awesome Dr. David Milo Hirschi!