Monday, April 27, 2009

Eliza in her cute dresses

These are some cute pics of eliza in her Sunday dress. This first dress is from Colombia. Our friend is from Colombia and went down for a month and brought it back for Eliza. It was a little big but fits her great now. She loves it. Thanks Jonathan.
I love this shot because the sun is perfect and loving her Sunday dress. We love our Zaza

Magnolia gardens

Saturday was a beautiful day and it was crazy. We had the service project until 1:00 and it was such a nice day we wanted to go to the beach but chose to take naps instead.... good decision.

Our home teacher invited us to go to the Magnolia Gardens with him. we had been there before but he took us through the Audubon Swamps. It was awesome.
We saw so many animals in their natural habitat.
This was just one of the many alligators we saw. They were about 2 feet away.

This was the mom alligator....And these were her babies. We counted nearly 20 little alligators just swimming around.These two pics were taken at the petting zoo. The deer were just walking around and I am pretty sure that the white peacock was just showing off... but it was sure beautifulThis was the bamboo forest

These are heron just feeding their newborn chicks. Not a bad shot, but there were a couple of profession photographers there that huge zoom lenses and they let us take a look and it was awesome. It was like we were inside the nest.

This is my little family walking through some beautiful trees. The man is our home teacher and is a great juggler so he just walks around juggling... seriously it is awesome.

It was a beautiful day for service and a beautiful day for a walk.

The Service project

I was put in charge of a service project for our ward. We went to the Florence Crittenton house downtown Charleston. It is a home for unwed pregnant and at-risk girls. we planned to paint their front entry way and a bed room and do some other odd jobs.

We had breakfast together at 8:00 am and the high priest put that on. It was great; ham, grits, biscuits and gravy, eggs, sweet rolls and fruit. We were finished with breakfast and headed down to the house. We got started around 9:45 which was perfect. We started painting and cleaning and the youth started organizing the donation shed. It was so great to see all of the ward working together. The children painted curtains to put in each of the girls rooms and also made cork boards for each girl.

Everything went really smoothly accept for the spilling of the paint on to their carpet. It was a half gallon of white spilled, but the men started at it and started to clean it up, poured water on it and used a carpet cleaner, and after about an hour, it was all cleaned up. I couldn't believe it.

I thought the service project was such a success. It was to all of the ward members that came and donated their time, talents, and their supplies. THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter. On saturday we played raquetball and went swimming which is quickly becoming a tradition for our Saturday morning. We all came back and took naps then we headed down to the beach. It was beautiful beach weather and it was low tide. We walked through all of the little puddles left behind and enjoyed the wonderful weather.
Eliza got a little easter basket on Sunday morning and it had a new dress, some treats and a little eistein book. She loved it.
Sunday we enjoyed the choir at church and then had dinner over at our friends house, the Fire's. They had hidden eggs in their backyard and all of the children had a great time finding the eggs. We had good food, good easter egg hunt, fancy cake and good company.
What a wonderful way for us to remember that the greatest gift that we have recieved is that we can live again. This time of year is so special as everything is growing and blooming to remember that the Savior gave us the opportunity to grow and become better everyday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thank you Grandma's and Grandpa's

I am the youngest of my family and my father is the youngest of his family, so I was the last grandkid on my father's side and one of the last grandkids on my mother's side. I didn't have a chance to get to know and appreciate my grandparents very well. I know that they were amazing people and I love their stories and their faith that I have learned from, but I write this blog to thank the grandparents of my children.
I thank you for your excitement for their accomplishments. I thank you for the cute cards you send. Thank you for thinking of my children randomly as you are walking through the store. thank you for the great clothes that are desperately needed for the new season as they have grown out of their old clothes. Thank you for the cute little dresses that Eliza loves and twirls around in and the cute little outfit that makes Fenton look like such a cute little boy. And thank you the most for your fasting and prayers in our behalf. We love you and wish we could be closer that you could be more of a positive influence on our children. We love you!!!

eliza and fenton

My friend Liina was in the mood to make a tutu so she made one for Eliza. She loves it, thanks Liina. Eliza is into dancing and princesses and she makes up songs all of the time. We go to music class and they have little actions to do with the songs, but no, Eliza is in the corner doing her own interpretive dancing. Here is the tutu and a little exhibition of her dancing.

Fenton has really picked up on crawling and is already pulling himself up onto things. He wants to stand all of the time. In the morning he is just standing up in his crib holding on to the side thinking he is hilarious. He also loves his little jumper, thanks to the Kimes who are letting us borrow it for a few months.