Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Never forget your diaper bag again!

I invented a diaper bag for a car seat. It is called the car carrier kangaroo. I love it because it goes everywhere the baby goes and you can never forget your diaper bag. I love that I don't have to worry a diaper bag in church or at a friends house or in a store. I always have the essentials right with the baby. My babysitters said they love it too because they know exactly where to find a diaper every time. There is a pocket for diapers, wipes, bottle and then a secure pocket for wallet, phone, keys or camera. This is a great gift for new mothers. Check out the website at http://www.carcarrierkangaroo.com/

It only has 2 different types of fabric but I have a few more. Contact me from the website and let me know what color you want and I will try to work with it.

This is just a new way to make a mother's life a little easier.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fenton is a crack in the pants

Fenton has proved to be all boy yet have such a personality. He is the boy that I love, but want to hurt sometimes. His facial expressions are priceless and melt my little heart. He has been quite picky about what he wears but usually it is hilarious. He loves wearing Eliza's big pink socks. He calls them his soccer socks so he wears them to the store with Eliza's pink running shoes. He has no qualms with pink and thinks he is special. He only wants to wear football shirts, and that includes Carter's 12 month onsie (the last pic, please notice that he is wearing pink slippers and Carter's little onsie and you can see where you are suppose to snap the legs.. hilarious) He loves his head band and loves swords. He puts the sword right into his pants because you have to pull it out just like Robin Hood. He is so silly. He takes off his pants and underwear all of the time. My poor nieces have seen his naked bum more often than not. I am always weary when he answers the door when friends come because I am not sure if he has underwear on.
Some of my favorite things that he is saying now is "uhm... sure"
"delicious" "dangerous" "papa come out of the computer" "he is my best friend" "how's your day". and When is super excited he hops on one foot.
He is quite the athlete. He is super fast and loves all sports. He loves throwing, catching, volleyball, and kicking. He is quite good if I might say so. He hits the tennis ball with the racket 6 times of 10, not bad for a little squirt. I can't wait to put him in a sport to use his energy for good and to have him do something he loves.
He has been up to some mischief lately. He has been trying for over a month to start my car and drive. He thinks it is his turn. I have tried to always have my keys to avoid any major problems. I left my kids with my dad and he calls to tell me that he couldn't find Fenton and sure enough he was in my car trying to start it, but luckily it was with my dad's keys. My dad said I better watch out or he will be driving before he is 3. This last week I have been super cautious and have locked the door and kept the keys on me.
Well yesterday I was over helping with cub scouts and told the kids to go get in the car and I was getting Carter. I wasn't but 30 seconds and I hear Eliza screaming and I run to the front, sure enough Fenton had un-caribeanered the keys from my purse, found the right key, put it in correctly and turned it and put it into gear. Eliza had the door open halfway in and screaming. I went running after it and stopped the car. No damage was done but I made sure that Fenton understood that this was a big deal and he was in trouble. Anytime someone asked him if he had been naughty, he started to cry, so I think it sunk in. Nevertheless, he was driving at 2. I have my hands full.

at the zoo, he is wearing a football shirt and he is right in front of the elephant, he wouldn't move.

Eliza's slippers and Carter's onsie and one of Fenton's many silly expressions

Fenton and his football shirt, sweat band and sword. priceless