Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1st day of school 2015

The first day of school at yet another new school.  I was really nervous about this school.  They have to wear uniforms, there is no bus, no hot lunch, and further away than the public school.  The school is great so far.  It is a new charter school that I hope will offer some great things for the kids.  The kids love it and I hope that they can handle the home work.  Good luck this year my 3rd grader and my 1st grader!!!!!!! 


The day we were done with the Hirschi Reunion we headed to Seattle.  We stopped in Wenachi to visit David's grandparents for lunch and then we were off to Seattle.  We went up the Space needls, ate at Ivers, Ferry ride, ice cream, fish market, Mariners game, and the locks.  It was such a fun couple of days and we were lucky enough to have Milo and Laura with us. 
One of the things we were all looking forward to was getting Seattle Seahawks gear.  The kids saved $$ for it and loved buying things they wanted.  It looked like Seahawks threw up on us, we loved it!! The kids were great on the drive.  I hope they remember this wirl wind of a week!!!

 We put Fenton's name on the big screen for his birthday.  He was shocked.  He got a really good gift bag from the Mariners.  He got a hat, ball, bag, $25 to Ivers and $25 to a Mariners gift shop.  He thought he was sooooo cool.  After the game there was a cool fireworks show!

 Fenton was super scared of heights so when we lifted him up to see, he totally freaked out.  

Hirschi Reunion

 We had a great family reunion at West Piney camp near Swan Valley, Idaho.  We had a such a great time.  The lodge was huge! it had so many bunk beds that we didn't even fill them up.  It had a great kitchen and a slide 4 stories tall.  There was a stream near by that the kids loved to explore.  We played a lot of corn hole, tetherball, slide, rockets, fungulator, swings, games, cards, danced, skits, and a lot of great food.  It was so great to see the cousins play so well together and making memories.  What a great fun family!!!!