Saturday, October 22, 2011


We live at an apartment complex called the Flats and we have great neighbors. We had 5 families living here with 11 children. It was so fun for the kids to run from one house to the next. Eliza loved playing with her friends. At 6:30 in the morning (yes the kids get up at 5:30) she would want to play with her friends. Every night after dinner the kids were let free in the parking lot and they played until it got dark. It was a great way for them to get their energy out. The women would come out on the steps and watch the kids, talk, and kiss all of the scratches of the children better. It is a great little neighborhood we have going. One of the families had to leave last Saturday and she had 3 children. We miss their presence and it just isn't the same without them.
The last night they were here we had a bon fire and the kids loved it. Marshmallows, friends, fire, it doesn't get much better than that.

Cayden, Addie, Eliza, Fenton, Cody, and Allie
playing at the neighbors house.

Friday, October 21, 2011

some stories

The kids one day were talking about when they saw a porcupine. I asked them what they thought of the porcupine and they both said that it had pokies, then Fenton said "Giraffes don't have pokies" Why he went straight from porcupine to giraffe I will never know.

We live on the second floor of our apartment complex and 3 days ago Carter climbed up all of the stairs. He is everywhere.

I hate ants. There are significantly less here than our last place, but I still hate them. I follow them and watch them to their hideout and then I spray them and kill them all. I know this sounds normal but I feel like I am stalking them or obsessed with them. Well I found them in the bathroom. I was drying myself off and I felt little bites and I had 2 or 3 ants on my back. I looked on my towel and they were all over. I looked at the other towels and they were all over them. I was so mad. I took them to the washing machine thinking that would kill them... nope. So I had David spray all of the towels with bug spray and wash them again. After that I went through the towels individually inch by inch to get out the dead ants. I was so "bugged" that they had attached the towels so I went and found their home and sprayed them. I haven't seen them since. I have found a few trails throughout the house and I use my bug spray like mace now. I HATE ants.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


In the shower today, the water went out and Fenton said "the water isn't working mom. The batteries are broken, we need a new house".

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Annandale Falls

Before General Conference on Saturday, the kids and I went up to Annandale falls and had a great time cooling off, swimming, and jumping off the little cliffs. It was fun to see the kids jump off a little cliff and then swim around the waterfalls. It was an awesome view and fun to be up there with my family and friends.

On the way up, we got a little lost but found these fun monkeys that we fed bananas. It was a fun detour.

Pearls Airport

On the North side of the island is an old airport and some broken planes. We went up there and looked around.

Mt. Carmel rock slide

David and Fenton going down the waterfall slide.

After David's test we went to visit Mt. Carmel falls and went down the rock slide. The kids did great. They loved it and was minimally scared.

Our Everyday

Align Center This is my dryer.
at the beach

Lance Aux Epines beach. It is about 400 yards away from our house.