Monday, February 2, 2015


 The Seahawks went to the Superbowl for the second year in a row.  It was a fun season to watch.  The NFC championship game was an amazing come back by the Seahawks. Well it happened that the Superbowl was the same weekend as Eliza's baptism so we had a huge party.  We all got decked out in Seahawks gear.  We had TONS of food and drink and snacks.  We threw a lot of skittles and yelled and jumped and cheered.  In the end Seahawks lost but just barely with 40 sec left.  What a fun game to watch.  GO HAWKS!

Eliza's baptism

 Eliza was baptized Jan 31, 2015 by her father David Hirschi.  It was such a great weekend to see my daughter make covenants with the Lord. She was so ready and full of faith.  She was so cute and excited.  We had so much family come in and support her and her decision.  We are so blessed to have such a loving supportive family!  

 Check out that smile!

 Grandma and grandpa Carter
Grandma and Grandpa Hirschi

10 year anniversary

 David and I have been married for 10 years!!! what!!!!  David had the week off and Grandma came and watched the kids and David and I went to San Diego and played.  We went kayaking at La Jolla beach, checked out some sea lions and caves.  Then we went to the temple which was gorgeous.  We went to old town and to the Mormon battalion.  We went to Sea World and it was awesome.  Then we went deep sea fishing.  It was such a blast to hang out with my best friend.  We had such a relaxing and fun filled time.  
I am so glad that I said yes 10 years.   David is such a hard working good man.  He loves his children, me and the Lord.  He loves adventures.  He always tries to be a better person and makes me want to be a better person.  I love him and am excited for an eternity with this man!


 We went sledding with our friends.  It was a nice day but it ended to be a tragic day.

This was the picture right before Eliza got in a sledding accident.  She hit a jump at a turn and hit a tree with her face.  Her face swelled up within seconds.  I couldn't believe it.  I ran her to the ER while my friends watched the boys.  I was so worried because it swelled up so quickly.  She had lost her memory.  She couldn't remember Christmas, where David was (in boise) her birthday.  it was so scary.  I kept asking her our phone number and address and she DID remember that.  The Dr. xrayed her leg because she was complaining that it was hurt.  She kept asking me what happened, her face hurt and I would tell her and then she would ask me again. What happened?  Will I get stitches?  do I have to get a shot?  over and over again. it was so scary.  She got a CAT scan and during that time was the most stressful to me.  I knew that the results would determine if my little girl would be ok.  The scan turned out fine but she was still pretty concussed.  after a few hours she started to settle down and be my sweet girl.  With all of this David was in Boise and on his way home so I called him and told him Eliza was in an accident.  He got home at 11:00 that night and saw the picture below.  David's brother was coming to town so I asked him to come to the ER and give Eliza a blessing.  He came and gave her a blessing and it calmed my nerves.  I am so grateful for righteous men in my life.  She is doing much better now. It has taken ab out a month for the swelling and bruising to go away.  The scab got really big but it fell off about 3 days before her baptism.  
Even with all of this she has a smile on her face and she got a new bear from her caring thoughtful Aunt Tiff.  We called him Phil because he feels soft and he makes her feel better!

Eliza turns 8

 Eliza turned 8 and had a joint party with her friend.  We had a beach party with leis and coconut drinks.  What can I say about my sweet Eliza.  She is so beautiful and smart and helpful, friendly, faithful, hard working, teachable, humble.  I have been so blessed to have her as my daughter.  I love you Eliza!