Friday, June 20, 2008


It is a cliche that women love shoes, and I do, but truly I don't have that many pair. But there comes a time when I have to part with my shoes, either because they have no use to me anymore or because they are out of fashion....who am I to talk about fashion... seriously. but I have had these two pairs of shoes, one of them is my steel toes boots that I wore to work at Glanbia and they saved my feet at the lab job that I had here in Charleston. Though they are still in pretty good shape, I just don't see myself wearing these shoes for any reason. I am not working with radioactive material anymore nor am I going to be working in a factory. Maybe it will do me well if I was doing construction, but that is not in the near future.... So sadly I am giving them away.

The other shoes I bought over 10 years ago and definitely got my money's worth. They were so stylish and "in" when I was in High school and college, yeah 10 years ago. they are the leather clunky DR Martin sandals. I hate to part with them. I tried to wear them a few months back but they were heavy and awkward. I wouldn't choose those shoes anymore. So alas those are gone too.
Speaking of throwing things away... which I love to do... at what point have you all thrown or given away your VCR.... or tape players????


if anyone knows me well, they know that I remember almost all of my dreams and I have the annoying habit to tell someone about my dream, no matter how crazy or real it was. That is was my breakfast time with David consists of, me telling him my crazy dreams. The sweetheart that he is, he always listens, laughs and even asks about them.
I had a great dream today. I had a dream that my freezer was stocked with Snickers candy bars, ice cream, and 5 rolls of cookie dough. When i woke up I had a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. I blamed it on my cravings. I love being pregnant.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday, Fathers day, MCAT, house

A lot has happened, David took the MCAT about 2 weeks ago and we won't find out the score for another 2 weeks. He knows that the test is hard but when he left the testing center this time, he knew that it was especially brutal.
My 29th birthday was the 12th and I had a great birthday. Nothing too exciting but David made me breakfast and we went out for dinner. He also made a super good Blackberry/peach cobbler. It was so good.
For Fathers day I had been secretly teaching Eliza the "when daddy comes home" song and she did the signs for that on Sunday morning. David thought that it was cute. We also gave me a new tool bucket with tools. This will be useful in the next couple of months because we are trying to buy a house.
We found a real fixer upper and we are planning on closing at July1. When I say it needs help, it does. We will be gutting it and starting over. We will not move in until about September. I will get some pics of the house before so you can see the condition now. David is excited because he will be able to learn some more carpentry skills and I am excited because it will give me projects at home, painting, gardening and such. We are working on the paper work now and it is a pain in the rear. I hope everything goes well... and I hope that the renovations go smoothly, but knowing us there will be headaches and such.....
speaking of headaches..... well last week our power steering went out in our van. I know what you are thinking,,, put more power steering fluid in it... well I did and it didn't work. So our friend that knows everything about everything stepped in and said it was our power steering pump,... I didn't even know it had a pump. So I ran to the store and got the part and the next morning our friend/hero came and fixed it in about 45 minutes. It is so smooth now. We drove the van for 2 days with no power steering... you would not know the luxury until you try to make a 3 point turn... well it was a 10 point turn for me, no kidding.... We thought that we had avoided a big mechanic bill and that our car problems were over... but you forget that I am still a Carter by blood so.... yesterday our car didn't start, didn't even turn over, but the radio works and lights and everything.... with analysis and advice from my dad we looked at the battery and cleaned it off. We were hoping that it was going to be another easy fix. Although cleaning the battery didn't work, we jumped it and went and bought a new battery and David spent an hour last night installing it and so far it has proved to be the remedy. To fend for David, usually it takes only a few minutes to put in a battery, well this one was under the fuse box under the huge metal bar strapped down to the engine with a bolt that was stripped... so he surpassed all of those challenges and replaced the battery.... I am just waiting for the 3rd bad thing to happen and then it will be done.
I am doing well with the baby. I have about 9 weeks left and all is well. Eliza is still cute. Her hair is growing and the little wisps are starting to get in her eyes so yesterday I gave her a little hair cut and she did great. She has cute little bangs now.