Thursday, April 15, 2010

The long and short of it

My hair was done. It was just getting longer and longer and I was doing less and less with it. I couldn't even put it in a bun without it overtaking my whole head, so I secretly set up an appointment to get my hair cut. David has wanted me to cut my hair for over a year so I decided to surprise him. That weekend was the school's gala and so I cut my hair short for the gala.
He came home and was very surprised and loved it.
If anyone remembers the last gala, I made a conscious effort to accessorize, and I did it again this time, all matching bracelet, earrings and necklace. This accessorizing thing is getting easier and easier, as long as I remember to do it.
We had a great night away from the kids all dressed up. We danced a bit and enjoyed the evening out.
here are a couple of pics of before and after


Easter here in England is a little different. They don't have a proper Easter egg hunt, so finding plastic eggs and baskets and jelly beans were a little difficult. I did find some plastic eggs but no Easter baskets so we improvised. We had our own little Easter egg hunt in our back court yard and the kids had a great time.