Saturday, March 3, 2012


For Valentine's day we made a few heart wreaths and put them on the front window.  We also found an old gingerbread house kit and made it into a valentines house.  The kids loved putting candy all over it and it sure made a mess. 
For St. Patricks day we painted a clover and some words and put them on our window.  It says "we are so lucky".  I feel like we have been so blessed to live in America, have a wonderful family, be healthy, have a warm house and the knowledge and gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  We truly are "so lucky".

My boys

These are my boys.  They are so handsome.  They are starting to play with eachother more and more and I love it.  They are my boyfriends.

My friend got married

My dear and oldest friend got married.  I have been waiting for this my whole childhood.  I went up to Utah and was so glad that I could be there.  She and I watched all of older brothers and sisters get married.  We talked about what our wedding was going to be like and who we were going to marry.  I was excited I could be apart of her wedding and I am so excited for her.

Taking care

The kids saw me carry around Carter like this in a little wrap and they wanted to do the same.  They were so cute.  They were riding their bikes like this and taking care of their babies.

Cousins came to town

The cousins came into town for a week and my kids loved it.  It was heaven for them to play over at grandma's house with their cousins everyday was fabulous.  Eliza's cousin got her a matching dress and Eliza wore it everyday.  They made up dances and played dress up.  It was wonderful.

I went up to Boise to watch my sister's kids while she was on a cruise but I left Eliza and Fenton in town to play with their cousins and they had a blast.

Carter is 1

Carter turned 1 on Feb 11.  He has grown up so much.  He started walking about 9 1/2 months and hasn't stopped moving since.  He loves his brother and sister.  He wants to be with them, playing with them where ever they are.  He loves balls and so I attempted soccer ball cupcakes.  The day of his birthday he was riding a tricycle with Fenton and he toppled over and scrached up his nose pretty good, so that is what happened to his nose.  I didn't take any picture of him and the cake because his nose was so messed up.
Carter sure has won the heart of his dad.  David can't wait to get him out of the crib in the morning to get a hug and a little snuggle before he is off studying.  Carter knows what he wants and he is becoming more and more vocal at letting us know what it is he wants.
He tries to help make a fire every morning by crumpling up paper to put in the fire place.  He also has become very good/excited with the Wii.  When the kids are playing, he is right next to them with a controller in hand doing the same gestures and making squeals. 
We love him very much and he has brought so much happiness to us and his siblings.