Wednesday, February 5, 2014

David's interviews

David has finished his interview season for residency.  He was so blessed to get 8 interviews.  We were so worried about him getting interviews because his score wasn't super great (although he improved so much and I am so proud of  him).  The interviews were at Casper WY, Cheyenne WY, St. Johns Detroit, MI, Southfield MI, Stanford, CT, Indianapolis, IN, Jackson TN, and Pocatello, ID.  The interviews went well and now we are to rank these options. The matching process will be March 21 and then we will know where we are to move, if we move.  I saw a direct blessing from Heavenly Father.  The month that the interviews started I paid extra in our fast offerings and we saw the Lord bless us abundantly with many interviews. 

Sold the house

We have finally sold the house in Charleston, SC.  We bought it in 2008 and only lived in it for 9 months before we had to move.  It is the right time to sell so I got a real estate agent and he was really good.  We sold the house in less than 2 months and we got what we wanted for it.  I paid off my parents, paid off Paul and paid off all of our credit cards!!!!!  It feels so good to not be in debt.  It went pretty smoothly and we are so grateful because it came at the perfect time when we weren't getting any more loans for school.  We truly felt the Lord's hand in helping us sell the house.

Christmas 2013

 This is a little kitchen set that I mad for Eliza.  I made it her style and I was surprised how much she liked it.  It isn't perfect but she has played with it.  She was so greatful for it.
 We cut down our tree again this year and it was so great.  It was a large tree and it was a perfect day to cut down a tree. 
 We had a great Christmas.  The kids got a lot of fun toys.  Fenton got a stuffed jaguar and a tent building kit and new boots and shirts.  Carter got Mr. Potato head, and Eliza got the kitchen set, but the best they got a mini trampoline downstairs.  They can go down stairs and jump to their hearts content.  I got new shoes and new tools. 
We have gotten so much snow this year.  we have been shoveling almost every day.  We got a huge storm at the beginning of January and we have had the snow for 5 weeks.  It hasn't melted.  We have had a new type of storm called a Polar Vortex and it is bringing polar weather to the US and really has screwed up the whole north east.  We have had 10 days of below zero weather.  We have had 4 days off school.  It has so bitter cold and unbarable.  When it is in the 20 we are excited and can go out with out getting frost bit.  We are having another storm right now.  Other places in the country have had 8-10 days off school since Christmas.  It has been a horrible winter and it is only the beginning of February.