Friday, January 29, 2010

January 21, 2010

4 apartments, 1 house, over 20 states visited, 7 countries, 2 degrees and one in progress, 2 cars, 2 children and 5 years later, we have celebrated our marriage in the temple.

David had previously declared that he wanted to be in charge of all of the big anniversaries, like the 1st, 5th, 10th and so on. So I kindly reminded him that I was planning on date night, nothing fancy, and he looked at me like I was crazy, he was going to study all next week. Then I reminded him that it was our 5th year anniversary and he jumped up to the challenge.

He planned the whole day and it was great.

He got a babysitter to come on Thursday morning and he whisked me away to Edinburgh, Scotland. He bought me a new outfit because I am getting low on pants that don't have holes in them and pretty much I am sick of all of my shirts, so it was refreshing to wear something new. It was quick train ride up there and we dropped off our stuff at the hotel and hit the town running.

It was such an amazing city, so unique.

We started off at the hill that overlooks the city, sea, and castle. We looked at a few of the monuments nearby and then headed to the queen's palace. It is the only residence of the Queen's outside of England. On the way there we stopped at an old cemetery, very old and unique. The oldest tomb we found was from 1806. We had lunch at a local cafe and then headed up the Royal mile. It is the mile from the palace to the castle.

It is lined with stores and churches. We stopped at the cathedral and really were able to enjoy the architecture and history in the old church. A man came and talked to us and gave us some history of the church and of some of the relics in the cathedral. My favorite was the English flag that was flown at the revolutionary war, against us.

We then continued on to the castle and it was very interesting. It was like their own little village inside the castle wall. There was a hospital and a church and a prison. My favorite part was the Honour of Scotland which is basically the sword, scepter and the crown of Scotland. It was interested to learn about the history how they signed the treaty with England and buried these Honours, then 100 years later it was discovered and brought back to their glory.

This was also the place that Mary Queen of Scots was crowned queen when she was 9 months old. That whole story is interesting also.
We were cold and tired by 5:00 and headed back to our hotel. David had gotten reservations for dinner and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.
It was such a fun day to be just with husband, to walk around with my best friend and enjoy a new experience together. I love being with David and have missed him since he has started med school. I am grateful that he planned this day that was just him and I. He is so sweet, thoughtful, dedicated, determined, a great father and a good example of living the gospel. He is so appreciative of what I do and helps whenever he can or is home. I love him and I am glad that he chose me to have all of these adventures with.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eliza goes to Primary

Today was Eliza's first day of primary. I was a little hesitant because she loves nursery so much, I didn't know how quickly she would adapt. She went to primary and stayed the whole time. She was great. She lead the music in and then the primary sang a song in Sacrament meeting and she went right to the front, with the baton and again lead the music. She was adorable.
Two weeks ago she had her first solo in sacrement meeting. She sang the whole first verse of "I am a child of God" by herself. It was amazing. She stepped up to the microphone and sang her little heart out. She asks me now if she can sing again. She loved it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Global warming

Our Global Warming problems here in Newcastle