Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cutting down our Christmas tree

David got home early from work and we went and got Eliza out of school early and then headed up North to cut down our Christmas tree.  This has been a dream for David.  Look how happy he is the whole time.  The kids were dieing to get a Christmas tree set up and decorate it. 
We decided on what kind of tree and the people took us on a hayride to where there were growing.  We spent about 45 minutes looking around and analyzing each tree.  We finally picked one and it took about 20 minutes to actually cut it down.  It was cold and notice Carter's poor broken leg.

 We went back to the cider press and we got doughnuts and cider and sat by the fire.  It was such an iconic Christmas memory. 

 They even had reindeer!!!

                                                           My kids are so cute. 


 For Thanksgiving we went to Tiff's house in Kentucky.  We had an interesting trip.  On the way down we stopped at a McDonalds for the kids to play and Carter came down the slide head first and he was crying.  I comforted him and then try to put him down but he wouldn't put any weight on it.  We arrived at Tiff's house and he was in a lot of pain and still wouldn't walk so I took him into the ER at 4:30 AM.  The Dr. took some Xrays but couldn't find any definite break, but a possible break so he put a soft cast on.  Carter was so sad after that.  This picture is what Carter looked like most of the weekend, playing on the Ipad or watching TV.  I didn't sleep well at all.  One night Carter threw up, then cried and wanted to watch TV.  It was a rough weekend.  I felt bad because I had to carry Carter everywhere or hold him because he was in pain, so I couldn't help that much with the Thanksgiving dinner.  What made it even harder was that Carter hates taking medicine so that was a struggle too.  (10 days later I took Carter to an orthopedic Dr. and he took better xrays and said there is no break but obviously he is hurt.  I opted to not put on a cast.  I was hoping he would start walking with out it.  He is just starting to stand up and take a few steps but he is limping..  Poor kid.  We don't really know what pains him but he is getting better)

 On Saturday we went to Bass Pro shop and it was out of control.  It was huge and amazing but it also had a winter wonderland there too.  They had a ton of free things for the kids to do.   A snow ball fight, carousel, shooting ducks, driving remote control race cars, writing letters to Sants, and much more.  We spent about 2 hours there.  It was so awesome. 

These two played so well together and danced and played played played. We are so lucky to have great cousins and family close to share the holidays with

The dinner was great.  The sweet potatoe dish was awesome, fudge, apple pie, stuffing, oreo pie, and amazing turkey.  What a great feast.  We are so blessed.  Even with a rough beginning with Carter hurt, we truly are blessed with so much. 


 Carter fell asleep and was too cute.
 We went shopping at a huge indoor outlet mall and there were some great things for the kids to do.  There was several indoor little roller coasters.  There was a magician, and a play land.  We shopped there for 6 hours.  I was beat. 


 We had a great fall here in Michigan.  The leaves fell, the air was crisp and cool but we missed the mountains and the fireplace.  I love this pic of Fenton playing in the leaves.
 We had a blast carving pumpkins.  Spiderman, batman, scary pumpkin, nice pumpkin, and black widow pumpkin.  Something for everyone.

                                                          Jack jack Incredible
                                                         Sheriff Fenton
                                                                     Rapunzel Eliza.  
My parents came into town for Halloween and stayed a couple of days.  It was freezing and a little rainy but we still got out trick or treated.  Carter picked it up real quick.  Our candy actually lasted about 3 weeks.  That is pretty good. 

We drove down to Louisville, KY for Lacey's baptism.  It was a great day to be with family and be with Lacey on her special day. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I was talking to David that I had a regret in my life.  I had never had really short hair and I would not want to be 70 years old and always wonder if I would have liked short hair.  I know that it is something super stupid to have a regret.  It is something that I can change and it won't hurt me or I won't be doing anything really wrong, so why not.
During conference one of the apostles talked about regrets.  He mainly talked about spending time with our families, but I just heard regret.  This is my only life I get and I want to at least try this so... I did it.  I cut my hair.
1.  I don't know if I love how it looks on me.
2.  How often did I really "do" my hair when it was longer, maybe 4 times a month.
3.  David claims that he likes short hair.
4.  I use less shampoo.
5.  I don't have any stray hairs all over my floor, tub, clothes, bed, everywhere. 
6.  I have no hair to get in my way while doing dishes, sewing, sitting, sleeping.
7.  I like the easiness of short hair.

I am getting used to it and like it more and more each day.  I know that my hair will grow into a cute hair style I can do.  SO... no more regrets.

Carter dancing at the BYU parade

My Dad's big weekend at BYU.

 We went to BYU homecoming for my dad's award.  We had a great week there with the whole family.  We went to the witches village and saw all sorts of fun halloween things and witches.  We bought a metal spiderman lunchbox and a blow pop gun, and a little purse with a kitty for Eliza.  I loved the vintage toys.

 At Bridal vale falls with the cousins.
 Eliza and Cassidy were inseperable.
 my cute kids
 My dads name on the plaque already.  We are so proud.
 The fancy luncheon.  We were so glad that kids weren't there.  David and I really enjoyed the dinner and was super excited for my dad.
 At the BYU homecoming parade.  Carter stole the show. He walked and danced around like that for about an hour.  He was super freaking cute.
My parents convertible in the parade. 
I was glad to go back to utah and see my family again.  I had to travel with the kids alone and it was pretty hard with Carter.  He wanted his own seat.  It turned out fine in the end but I don't  want to do that very often. 
Congratulations to my dad who is a great example to me.  He has touched so many peoples lives and helped so many.  He is always thinking of how he could maximize his time by helping others. 

Our fall

 Carter just had a Popsicle.  silly bean.
 Our house in the fall.  Beautiful red tree and a front door that is going to eat Fenton up.
 Our house is full of "door monsters".  I was ambitious one day.  the kids think it is silly but I think it is more for me.
 Fenton's door monter
Eliza's door monster.