Sunday, September 14, 2008

Black eye

David and I were watching America's funniest home videos were they showed a montage of messing children, when they got into paint, bubbles, or makeup and we both thought, "that will not be our child". Well I spoke too soon. This morning, eliza found a mascara that I threw away and had watched me put it on, so she went right on doing it just like mommy,.... well.....

the bad thing was that this was waterproof mascara so I had to bust out some makeup remover to get it off. We got most of it off before we went to church.

Things that I have learned being a mother of two for a whole 2 weeks.

I feel like I am changing diapers all of the time..... and I feel like Eliza is picking the craziest places to have a poopy diaper. I swear before Fenton I rarely changed her in public or while we were out, but now it is almost every time. And I feel like as soon as I have one child that is clean, the next child is dirty in 30 minutes. I have learned to change both children at the same time, no matter what, or at least check both of them while I am in the changing diaper mode.

I have done so much laundry. I had a clean outfit for Fenton, feeling good about being prepared and having it right by my side, but to no avail. When I changed his diaper, he piddled on his new clean outfit, not so clean anymore and just added to the laundry without even being worn.

Sleep is a luxury. My biggest fear is the as soon as I get Fenton down, Eliza will wake up or start crying.

the house

There has been some progress on the house. We are seeing the vision come together. The roof is on and roofed with shingles and the next step is the plumbing and electrical.

David has worked super hard and we are starting to see results and the vision.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hurrican/TS Hanna, house, Fenton

With the arrival of Fenton, my parents came and visited for a couple of days. It has been an eventful week for us all. First there was the threat of Hurricane Hanna. We were watching and waiting all week and we watched as people bought tons of plywood to board up their house. We didn't take that extreme, instead we decided to put up our walls and trusses for the storm. We wanted to see if our craftsmanship could withstand a hurricane down here. David, Paul, and my dad worked on the house 12 hours a day to get the walls up, the trusses built and the roof on in time to have the storm hit Friday afternoon.

I purchased more water and filled our tank with gas and just waited. Truly we weren't expecting much but just in case, we were ready.

Well Friday came and the boys hard work paid off and they were finished right when the rain started to come. It was just a stormy day for us with a lot of rain, and not a lot of wind. We went back to the house Saturday morning and everything was still standing and ready to go. We were so grateful that our prayers were answered and it was not a severe storm.

It has been great to have my parents in town. Eliza has taken to Grandma very well. they are best friends, because Grandma is the Treat Queen. She has been a big help for me to be able to run errands or leave the kids with Grandma and get some things done.

Fenton is great. He actually has been sleeping through the night already. I know that it will probably change, but I will enjoy my sleep right now. Eliza has done really well with him. She doesn't smother him as much and is trying to be more soft. There are still times we have to be careful, but she is a great big sister.