Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 We went camping at a little metro park.  They had an awesome swimming area that the kids loved.  We went fishing, bike riding and our camp site was right near a playgound.  It was awesome. 
 We went 2 weekends in a row because the kids had so much fun. The weather was great and minimal bugs.  What a great weekend.

last day of school

 Eliza's last day of school.  She loved kindergarden and she loved her teacher.
 When picking up Eliza Fenton had to wear his cowboy hat.  he is a weirdo.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

cute things the kids have said

One afternoon I was trying to explain to Eliza that I wasn't perfect and that I needed to work on things everyday to become better.  That I wasn't perfect. 
And Eliza responded "Yes you are mama, you are perfect for Papa and that is why he married you".
I thought that was so sweet.

Carter calls "Cars" "duh duh cool".  It took me some association but he watches "cars 2" and the main theme song in the beginning sounds like James Bond and we sing it "duh duh du.. duh duh du...ect" and so he now calls cars "duh duh cool"

Also we play Mario bro and he loved Luigi.  I gave Carter a green Popsicle and he said "Luigi time" because it was green like Luigi.  I love his associations and it keeps me on my toes.