Thursday, April 19, 2012

A week of great things

We had a great week of exciting things.
1st, Eliza told me Monday that she was ready to start riding a 2 wheeler, so that night I took her to the local school and I took off her training wheels.  I helped her once get started and she was off.  She was awesome and just rode and rode and rode.  I taught her how to stop.  She loves it and I am so proud of her. 
2nd.  My dad received a letter from BYU telling him he has been nominated for a prestigious award called the alumni award.  They are honoring him for his good work and service throughout his life.  They will honor him at the homecoming this year with tickets to the game, extravaganza, luncheon and accommodations.  Other recipients of this award have been Ezra Taft Benson, Steven Covey, Dallin H. Oaks and now Gordon Carter.  I am so proud of him and the legacy he is leaving us.
3rd.  David got his scores back and he passed!!!!!!!!!
4th.  We got our assignment for clinical rotations and we are moving to Detroit, MI.  We are super excited to be finally living in our stuff in our own little house.  We are on to our next step.  Yeah.
Some weeks are bad, car break down, kids sick, dirty house, too busy... but then there are weeks like this.  We are so blessed and know that Heavenly Father is watching over us and has His hand in our life.  We are so blessed!

words you never want to hear

Fenton "mom, I was trying to find you to have you help me clean up the mess I made."
Me "what mess did you make and where is it?"
Fenton "it is in the bathroom and I made a poopy mess."
and that he did....

Friday, April 6, 2012

Kids skiing

This Wednesday David and I decided to take the kids snow skiing.  We wanted to expose them to skiing at a young age so they wouldn't be scared later.  We thought this was a perfect time, the mountain was only $10 and it was a beautiful day and no one would be there.  And it was.  It was fabulous. 
Here are a few links to the videos we took

Goings on

Just to catch up, David has been studying super hard for his USMLE step 1 board exam.  Everyday he would go into a little room and study nearly 10 hours a day if not more.  This exam is very important and he was very stressed about it.  Last week he took it so it if finally over.  He said it was very difficult and hopes he passed.  I have so many prayers and a lot of power from faith and fasting heading his way I hope he passed too.
That weekend we went to Utah to relax and went skiing.  It was awesome.  It was so fun to be with my husband, not stressed doing something that we love to do together.  All but one of my siblings was there so it was a bit of a family reunion.  It was great to be together and see each other even if it was for a short bit.  On a sadder note my uncle passed away a few days later.  We all will remember him as such a good and happy man. 
Fenton has been a bit of a challenge.  He can throw a fit and his new thing is that he says go away or leave me alone.  He then apologizes and tells me that he likes me.  He is one that needs a lot of one on one love.  I do love him though, he is a sweetheart.
Carter knows what he wants and is trying his best to communicate it to us, even by yelling.  We know that he wants something when he yells.  It isn't out of madness or anything else but trying to tell us what he wants.  As soon as we figure it out he is fine.  He is a bit sick right now which is so sad. 
I have been sewing a lot lately.  I have a little craft show at the end of the month and I am trying to sell my car carrier Kangaroo there.  I have added new fashionable material and a car seat cover that matching to try to sell the whole package.  It actually looks really great.  I am trying to see if this could help us a little each month.  Who knows?
Also I just started coaching track again and I love it.  It is fun to be outside, although Idaho offers a horrible spring season for outdoor sports.  It is fun to be apart of something that was such a big part of my life and that I love.
David just finished reading The Hunger Games so we could watch the movie.  It was just fun to share that with him, plus it was the first book he has read in 2 years that didn't have any medical termonology in it. 

kids at church

A couple of weeks ago Fenton got the assignment to say Article of Faith #3 for primary so we worked all week with him.  On Sunday he went up there and was so confident and pulled down the microphone and just recited the article of Faith perfectly.  I could not have been more proud.  I almost started to cry.  He was amazing.
The next week Eliza was asked to give a talk on prophets and we worked all week and she had it memorized with a scripture.  She did a flawless job.  It was amazing how smart they are and how confident they were.
The next week Eliza gave a scripture from memory. 
I love my kids.  They bring me so much joy.