Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas party

We had our ward Christmas party last night. As the 2nd counselor of the RS I was involved in the decorating so yesterday, David took the kids and spent a couple of hours setting up the decorations. I am not one to make things super elaborate but still nice, with that, i thought the party turned out great. My pride and joy was the big wreath on the curtains. We had 30 or so wreaths from last year and I wanted to use them but make something big, so I Mcguyvered all of the wreaths into one big wreath. The bow kind of died during the party but it was big and beautiful. My mom is the best bow maker ever but she never passed those genes on to me.
The food was great and there was a great turn out. Thanks to all that helped put up, take down, food and just came. It was great!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

We had a great thanskgiving. This was the first one that I had to make the turkey and such. David's tradition is to have way too much food so i tried to ablige but I am still learning.

We were fortunate enough to have my cousin, Matt Blake come down from Richmond Va, with his 3 children and very pregnant wife. it was great to spend the holiday with family. We ate way too much fudge, pie, turkey, and played games. It truly felt like Thanksgiving.

our helpers

Eliza has really learned how to help. she is proficient with a power saw, hammer, paint brush, nail gun and many other things. Fenton is her apprentice.

more pics of the house

We had a final inspection for the bank to say we are done and get our final draw. Well they showed up and said that the trim needed to be painted and the garbage moved. I was not aware that they were going to be that picky, so for the last couple of days I have been painting the trim.

Here are some before and afters of the house and some extra pics.

the ribbon cutting ceremony

if you haven't noticed the huge orange eye sore at the front of our house than you are blind. There has been an orange fence around the famous tree for the last 3 months and we were finally able to take it down. We wanted it to be a big ribbon cutting ceremony and take pictures and toast with martinelli's, but things happened rather quickly that we didn't get a choice.

We have been wanted to put mulch down around the tree and the company that I had contacted said they could only deliver 100 yards,,,, which is a lot. But the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, at 7:00 AM they called and said they had 10 yards they wanted to dump and they would be here in 30 minutes... 7:00 AM what?? So I started moving quickly for cutting down the orange fence and then putting all of the weeds and limbs in garbage bags. I did it just in time and now we have mulch around the tree. Also that same day, we finally got our certificate of Occupancy. With many failed inspections and living in the house illegally for 2 weeks, we finally passed and I really wanted to burn the permits, for they are no longer in need. Later that night David and I did toast with martinellis and were so grateful that the house was finally approved and that the fence was down.

Here are some pics of the final fence down.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my quirks

ok, I am doing this link thing.
my quirks

1. I hate it when while I am eating I get food on my face, so eating a sandwich or hamburger, I eat it really cautiously. And I can't stand it when others have food on their face. Like crazy game shows that have whipped cream or pizza smeared in their face... hate it.

2. I love to throw things away. I will drink that last of the milk just to throw the jug away.

3. Along with throwing things away, I love to consolidate things, so I will throw things out if I can fit something in a box, bucket ect.

4. I love to vacuum tile. I did this on my mission almost everyday because all of the floors were tile. I love that I have a mess and I can visually see it go away when I vacuum.

5. Like my sister I have to pull the hair out of my brush after I use it. I am also obsessed with taking the loose hairs off my back or arm ect.

6. I brush my teeth in the morning before breakfast. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night and brush my teeth because they feel nasty.

Ok.... now I am tagging Liz Bates, Debbie Heim, Kelli Packer, and mom.

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you. 2. Mention the rules on your blog. 3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. 4. Tag some fellow bloggers by linking them. 5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.Can't wait to see what is goofy about YOU!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The extension

ON the side of the house we added the master suite, laundry room, dining room and pantry. Here are a few pics of those right now. We still need to put doors on the laundry room but you get the idea.

That door leads to a walk-in closet and behind the door is our shower.

after 4 months

After purchasing a new home in July we have finally moved into on November 7. We were homeless for about 5 days but we finally moved in. We had to be out of our apartment on November 4 so we moved all of our stuff over to our new, unfinished home and stayed the night at our friends house. We had power, gas, and water going by the end of the week so we had our first night in our new home on Friday. Our friends were super generous in letting us stay at their home for 4 nights. During that time, I spent my time at the house putting boxes away and making it liveable. It had no shelves or rods in the closet, no shelves in the pantry or laundry room, no TP holders or shower curtains. Now the house is close to being done. We have a few things to finish up, like caulking lots of little things, fixing holes in the wall, screwing in the sink and dishwasher, and fixing some electrical outlets. WE do have carpet, paint, tile, power water, heat. We even have a deck now. That is the one manly thing that David wanted to do so we have a deck in the back and they finished it in about 3 hours.

We wanted the rooms to be in perfect condition before taking pics but I doubt that will ever happen so we will show you how things are looking now, knowing that we still have saws and drills all over our house.
so here are a few befores and afters. Also if you so desire you can look back at the previous blogs in July and August and see what this house has gone through. David has worked so hard.
The kitchen. Pretty sad huh!>?!

and after... doesn't it look better. There is a bar on the left hand side so it is super open and it looks right into the living room. There is a lot of light and that one space on the wall between cupboards now has some open shelves for cook books. David did an awesome job.
The kids bathroom before... very scary This is the kids bathroom. much better. There is a cupboard behind the door with linens and things (not the store). There is still some work that needs to be done.
We will put some pics on later.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

sad halloween

We are sorry to announce that we had a boring and sad Halloween. The whole Hirschi family is and has been sick. Even Fenton has a little cough so we stayed home last night. We wanted to go to a party that the Cox's were throwing but we were just feeling lousy. David is miserable and Fenton has the saddest little cough. Eliza and I are getting over our sickness. SO we do not have any fun or cute pictures to post.
The house is almost livable. We are finishing with the carpet on Monday, the duct work, and hooking up the electrical and gas on Monday. We have scheduled the Certificate of Occupancy for Monday. we will be moved by Monday night and if we don't pass or if the inspection doesn't happen then we will be living on the street, just kidding, we will be staying at our friends house.
The house looks good, with things still to work on. We will have pictures next week when things settle down.
speaking of settling down, it seems that everything always culminates at one time. Truly finishing the house, sickness, Halloween, super Saturday, teaching RS, packing, and moving all happening in a three days time. What to do????

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blue Ridge Parkway

This last weekend we were able to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. It is peak time for the leaves to change colors and also there are a few festivals to enjoy. David and I have made a tradition of going up there in October. The first time we went, I was 8 months pregnant and we camped. The second year we went up Eliza was 10 months and we camped. Well this year Fenton is 6 weeks old and I really didn't want to tent camp with a little infant so I looked into getting a cabin. David was very disappointed that we weren't going camping. He said that I was a wuss and that his son needed to man up and tent camp. So I compromised and looked for the most primitive of cabins. I found a 18 feet by 10 feet cabin that had only 3 sets of bunk beds, a light bulb and a space heater. That meant that we could still have our fire and David could still cook outside but we didn't have to worry about the weather and wind and rain. It was appropriately called the camping cabin. We are sooooo lucky that we did get this little cabin because every night it froze. It was so cold.

We left Friday and took our time getting up there. We stopped and picked some delicious apples at a orchard, took some pics, and had some lunch.

We planned on attending the Wooly Worm festival. this is a festival similar to the ground hogs day, but this determines the winter. They race little fuzzy worms up a string and the winner of all 40 heats is analyzed and the stripes on the worm determine the winter. It is a fun little festival and we raced our wooly worms. We both lost miserably but it was still fun.

We also drove around on some crazy side roads and found a little place for David to fish. It was fun to get lost on some dirt roads that very well have lead us to tennessee.

Sunday we went to church and drove around and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The colors were great and the weather was much better on Sunday.

We packed up and came home monday. It was a great trip to get away from the house and enjoy the mountains. We both really miss them being close.
The kids did really great on the trip. Eliza loved it and Fenton was a trooper. The downfall of this all is that we are all sick, accept for David. Poor little kids.

The house is coming really close to move in. It is all painted, the tile is in, the bottom kitchen cupboards are in, the bathroom vanity is in. We have the detail work to do and the carpet. We are still hoping for next Friday... we are praying!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fenton David Hirschi II officially

We blessed Fenton this weekend and everything went really well. My sister and her family flew in from Louisville and my brother flew in from New York. It was so great to have them here and support us. We appreciate their sacrifice and willingness to come and be apart of this and apart of our family. My sister, Melinda, made the beautiful blanket for him also.

Fenton did great, no crying during the blessing and he looked so handsome. I felt so blessed to have a healthy boy and a righteous husband to bless him.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dry Wall

the front with trim before the siding
Our kitchen
leading to the hall and kids bedrooms

front room

We found a really great group that would mud and tape for cheap. they did a great job!!! they got it all done in 3 days and it looks great, the best part is that David did NOT have to do it. We will be ready to paint next week. yeah!!!!! David has started the siding so next week we will be busy.....also we are blessing Fenton this weekend and my family is coming and we are going to put them to work....between college football games of course.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The house is coming along. The men have put up dry wall for the last 3 days. it is complete today so we have walls and we are debating if we are going to mud and tape it ourselves or hire it out... we all vote to hire it out but we have to look at our budget.
The end is near. We hopefully will be moved in by Halloween. We have not renewed our contract here so we will be living in a tent if the house isn't done by then.
Though we have been strapped with cash during the project and a lot of things have cost A LOT more that we had budgeted there have been some miracles that have occurred.
#1... For our kitchen counter top we knew that they could be pretty pricey. we were looking into all types and materials. One Friday night we went to Lowes and we saw in the clearance aisle some counter tops and they were the right dimensions, color, and quality that we wanted. For all of the counter tops, by the sink, near the stove and the island (yes this set of counter tops even had an island) was only $65.... can you believe it???? so we bought it. Now the lengths may not be exactly what we measured but we have options so work around and it is worth it to save nearly $1000.... yeah us!!
#2... we saw on Craigs list some paint for sale. we went and checked it out just in case and we bought nearly 50 gallons of paint for the primer, and all of the rooms and ceilings... little did I know that paint is pretty expensive,,, like $25 a gallon.... that adds up quick to paint a whole house... well we bought our 50 gallons of paint for $50....... yeah us!!!!
#3... I bought a nice big window for $10. I love getting deals.
Those are little miracles that have helped us on our way of redoing this house.
Sorry no pics this time. I will get them up soon. The men have done a lot of work and I am so grateful for their help and willingness to get dirty and sacrifice some time to help us out.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Black eye

David and I were watching America's funniest home videos were they showed a montage of messing children, when they got into paint, bubbles, or makeup and we both thought, "that will not be our child". Well I spoke too soon. This morning, eliza found a mascara that I threw away and had watched me put it on, so she went right on doing it just like mommy,.... well.....

the bad thing was that this was waterproof mascara so I had to bust out some makeup remover to get it off. We got most of it off before we went to church.

Things that I have learned being a mother of two for a whole 2 weeks.

I feel like I am changing diapers all of the time..... and I feel like Eliza is picking the craziest places to have a poopy diaper. I swear before Fenton I rarely changed her in public or while we were out, but now it is almost every time. And I feel like as soon as I have one child that is clean, the next child is dirty in 30 minutes. I have learned to change both children at the same time, no matter what, or at least check both of them while I am in the changing diaper mode.

I have done so much laundry. I had a clean outfit for Fenton, feeling good about being prepared and having it right by my side, but to no avail. When I changed his diaper, he piddled on his new clean outfit, not so clean anymore and just added to the laundry without even being worn.

Sleep is a luxury. My biggest fear is the as soon as I get Fenton down, Eliza will wake up or start crying.

the house

There has been some progress on the house. We are seeing the vision come together. The roof is on and roofed with shingles and the next step is the plumbing and electrical.

David has worked super hard and we are starting to see results and the vision.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hurrican/TS Hanna, house, Fenton

With the arrival of Fenton, my parents came and visited for a couple of days. It has been an eventful week for us all. First there was the threat of Hurricane Hanna. We were watching and waiting all week and we watched as people bought tons of plywood to board up their house. We didn't take that extreme, instead we decided to put up our walls and trusses for the storm. We wanted to see if our craftsmanship could withstand a hurricane down here. David, Paul, and my dad worked on the house 12 hours a day to get the walls up, the trusses built and the roof on in time to have the storm hit Friday afternoon.

I purchased more water and filled our tank with gas and just waited. Truly we weren't expecting much but just in case, we were ready.

Well Friday came and the boys hard work paid off and they were finished right when the rain started to come. It was just a stormy day for us with a lot of rain, and not a lot of wind. We went back to the house Saturday morning and everything was still standing and ready to go. We were so grateful that our prayers were answered and it was not a severe storm.

It has been great to have my parents in town. Eliza has taken to Grandma very well. they are best friends, because Grandma is the Treat Queen. She has been a big help for me to be able to run errands or leave the kids with Grandma and get some things done.

Fenton is great. He actually has been sleeping through the night already. I know that it will probably change, but I will enjoy my sleep right now. Eliza has done really well with him. She doesn't smother him as much and is trying to be more soft. There are still times we have to be careful, but she is a great big sister.