Monday, November 14, 2011

Carter dancing

Carter has just recently started to dance.

He is 9 months old and such a cutie, he is such a content baby , he loves his brother and sister, his top teeth have just broken through, and he has beautiful blue eyes.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some pics

At the school's parade

Friday night they have a steel drum band come to a little restaurent on the bay and we went and danced. The kids had a great time.

sipping from a coconut type thing.


We had a great halloween. My mind has been going for a month of how I am going to make halloween costumes here with limited resources and funds. Well I think it turned out great. Eliza was Rapunzel and I made her hair, it wasn't perfect but it worked for about 3 hours during halloween. I made here shirt out of an old Laker's t-shirt, in side out, cut, hand sewn for a few ruffles then criss crossed,,,not too bad. Then Fenton wanted to be an airplane so I started putting that together in my mind. It turned out great and he loved it. That is worth it all for him to love his costume. Incidentally he won the most creative costume at our little party.
For halloween the SO put on a party on campus and about 12 departments decorate and hand out candy to the kids, so the children go all over campus and trick or treat. It is quite unique and fun. Then they come back to the party and have a bouncy house, face painting, cake walk, bowling ect and lots of fun festive treats. It was great halloween and I am glad that my parents could be there with us, it made it a little more special.
Carter was a little tiger, sorry no pics, he fell asleep in the little backpack I had on. I had a sign on my backpack that said "USA or bust" :)

Best surprise

Before I came down to Grenada my parents said they were going to come visit. I was super excited about it and started looking into tickets and such. In September I told them I had found really good prices and they needed to look into it. As they researched it out they found that it was still going to be out of their budget so my mom told me at the end of September that they were not going to be able to come visit. I was bummed but I understood. It is alot of money to come down here, and I was going to see them in December anyway.
About a week ago my dad called up and said he had a meeting and met some USU guy that wanted to come down to Grenada and check out the university. I thought it was a long shot but dad has met crazy people so who am I to say. Dad told me that this guys dad was a pilot and had flight benefits and that is why he could come. Anyway my dad asked if I wanted anything sent down and of course I had a few items that I would love from the states. Then I told him that I would pick this guy up and show him around. For one brief moment I thought that this would be cool if was really my parents but I truly thought that they had decided against it, plus my nephew, the first grandchild on a mission comes home in 9 days, no way my parents would miss that so I totally displaced it from my mind.
so the night that I was to pick up this guy from USU came and I went to the airport and out comes walking my mom and my dad. I went running over to them just screaming and jumping up and down. I couldn't believe it. They were here!!!! they had flown all that way and they were right here in the middle of the Caribbean with me. It was awesome. My mind was flying... what would the kids say, what would David say... I have to entertain them and how many fun things are we going to do. It was the best surprise!!!!
The kids woke up and saw grandpa and they just looked at him like "I know you, why are you here, you aren't supposed to be here." but they loved it. They had so much fun with grandma and grandpa. They picked a great week. The kids had a little parade at school that we went to and the primary had their program on Sunday which Eliza was in and I helped with and then Monday was Halloween and their Halloween here is a bit different but fun. So we had a memorable week together. We went to the beach, pool, waterfalls, market downtown, beach, pool, and played tennis. Now they are off to see their grandkid come home from his mission in Portland.
Thanks for coming and being with our little family in our little apartment on our little island!!!!

Of course dad had to fit some Charity Anywhere in so we visited the disabled home on the island and left some hygeine kits with the maternity ward at the hospital... DO GOOD AND BE GOOD!!!

Dad drinking a sweet melon. similar to a coconut