Friday, June 15, 2012

Zoo members

We bought a membership pass to the zoo so we can go whenever we want.  We went with David last weekend and the most exciting thing was a butterfly landed on David's shoulder.  They have some pretty cool exhibits but I will be frequenting the zoo mostly in the mornings when it is cool. 

petting zoo

We went to a local elementary school carnival and it had a petting zoo.  The kids loved it.  They weren't afraid at all.

easter 2012

We went to D&B supply to see the bunnies and chicks for easter.  They sold out of chicks in about 2 hours so we missed them, but we did get to see the bunnies.  The kids loved it.
They we were debating on where to have the easter egg hunt, downtown or at Lowes.  In the end it was Lowes and it was awesome.  Barely any children, lots of eggs, good candy.  The kids came out like bandits and they had a blast.  Our cousins came down for the fun and it was a blast. 

33rd birthday

yeah, I am one year older.  I have come to the age that I don't love birthdays.  It is just a way to count time going by.  It isn't exciting to turn a different age now.  Just means my kids are getting older too.
I did have a great birthday.  My sister came up from Kentucky with her family and we had a great time.  We went to cool parks, bounce house, great Italian food, checked out the big D, and just let the kids play outside.  They bought us a new BBQ!!!!  it was awesome.  David and I have already scheduled our BBQ use.  We love it!!!  Thank you so much!!!
It is nice to have family near by to have for family functions.  We love their little family!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Car carrier Kangaroo

Before we left Twin Falls I participated in some craft shows to try to sell my car carrier Kangaroos.  I made about 18 of them.  I was excited about the response to my idea and I actually sold a few.  The first show I sold 3 full sets and then the second show I sold 2 full sets and a bunch of accessories.  Later that week a couple of my friends bought a few.  I was super excited because I broke even from participating in the event and also might have paid for the fabric. 

I added some accessories to the car carrier kangaroo to help with its appeal and cuteness.  Here are a few pics.  I sold the car carrier Kangaroo for $20 the cover for $25 and then the wipes case and strap for $10.... but all together for a complete set was $50.  So if any of you want one (which is a great baby shower gift) email me and tell me what color and such.  I am just excited that people like them.

My first garden

I have been waiting to have a house that I could be in long enough to see the bounties of having a garden.  So within the first week of living at this house, I bought seeds and gardening tools.  I planted the seeds last week and bought a tomato plant.  I bought one with already 8 tomatoes growing so I thought for sure I would get fruit. 
I planted pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots and peppers.  I will see what color my thumb is, green or black?  I am excited to see them grow, if they grow.