Monday, November 29, 2010

GAP performance

Eliza and Fenton's playgroup had an end of year performance of dancing and singing. It was fun to see my little kids up there with all of their friends. Eliza did great singing and Fenton was ok until he saw David and I in the audience then he was super sad.

GAP was such a blessing in my life and for the kids to have friends and learn new things. I am going to miss it when we are back in the states.

Gran Etange

Last weekend we went to a national forest here in Grenada called Gran Etange (not sure on the spelling). It has a little museum and a little trail to walk around and see the island from about 1900 ft. There are supposed to be monkeys there too so we had told the kids all day that we were going to see monkeys.
It rained all day so no monkeys, the trail was super muddy and the view was somewhat covered by the clouds, so it was kind of a bummer.
It was still nice to get out of the house together as a family.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

her mother's daughter

Eliza is definitely my daughter,
One of her photo books had a page that was ripped out and I told her that I couldn't fix it.
She then said "can't you just put some duct tape on it"....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

around town

the church in Grenada, notice that it has a great view.
the road in down town St. George. They are narrow, very hilly, and often one way.
St. George's market

The public library

The public hospital that David waited at when we got his stitches. It wasn't the first place with the sign, but off to the left behind the building under the cement pillars.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The kids playstructure

There is really only one park that we have found on the island and that is at the kids school. They call it the play structure because it really shouldn't be defined as a park. It is small but the kids still can have a little slide and some swings so they don't complain.
The picture of the beach is about 100 yards from the playstructure so this is where we like to go because we have good parking and it is beautiful. The waves were really big today so I took a picture. Generally they are much smaller, more like the waves of a lake so the kids can really enjoy the water.

8 stitches later

David played soccer on Saturday afternoon and I took the kids down when I thought he would be finished. They continued to play for another 20 minutes and said "next goal wins". David went after a ball against another player (who was wearing cleats) and the guy kicked David and split his shin open. It was pretty deep and David was in a lot of pain. We took him to the general hospital and we waited for about an hour and knew it would be quite some time before he was seen. The general hospital is quite primitive. The only way I can explain it is an unorganized warehouse of medical supplies. We called the campus on-call nurse and explained our situation. We took him to the campus and the nurse attended to him quickly and the doctor showed up about 20 minutes later and sewed up David. The wound was nearly 3 inches long and very deep. He got 1 internal stitch and 7 external. Though he has been in a lot of pain, he doesn't complain much and is trying to walk around, go to class, play with the kids, etc. He has never gotten stitches before so why not the 1st time be in Grenada? He will have a nice scar in about 2 weeks.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Grenada does not celebrate Halloween but the SO group from the university orginized a Fall festival for all of the children to participate in. They organized about 15 offices on campus to hand out canding for trick or treat'n and then they had 2 bouncy castles treats, bowling and face painting after the trick or treat'n was over.
It was so great. The kids loved it. Eliza kept commenting on how she loved trick or treat'n. It was a great little halloween on this island.
Eliza went as snow white and Fenton went as Dash Incredibles. It was perfect for Fenton because all he wants to do is run, and he runs fast.