Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coach Hirschi

I had an opportunity to coach track for 7th grade girls at Stuart. I was so excited and I loved it. Grandma watched the kids every day for about 2 hours while I went and coached. At first I was so excited to share my vast knowledge about track but quickly realized that I was more taming teenagers and teaching the very basics of track. After the first couple of weeks I really took my girls and separated them from the rest of the team and that helped reduce the chaos. After the first meet things went smoother and they had more experience. I had to remind myself that this is their first experience with track. Some of the questions that they asked were hilarious.
"what is a 200" this was asked almost daily...... seriously
"is long jump a field event?"
"is hurdles a field event"
"in 100 meter hurdles, does it have 100 hurdles" they would ask with a scared look on their face.
Some of the things I said almost every day is "sprint, run on your toes". Oddly most of the girls didn't know what that meant, but they quickly figured it out.
I was excited to coach high jump especially but quickly did I realize that I wasn't really coaching the precise physics of jumping, but the very basics like.... you have to jump off one foot. You have to jump HIGH, you have to land on your back.
All my girls really improved over the 6 weeks and hopefully will run again next year and really get a grasp of what track is all about.
I really enjoyed it and I hope that I get to coach again in the future. It also helped the time go by quickly while David was gone, so that was a bonus.

The season was very cold. Every meet was freezing, windy, snowy, and rainy. This is what I looked like most of the time, in my beanie and winter coat.

Some of the girls at triple jump.

One of the boys high jumping.

The other girl's coach. She was great.

Some of the girls trying to stay warm.

Me in my official Stuart track coat.

Melinda's house

Melinda, my sister, went on a vacation with her husband and she asked me to come to Boise to take care of her 5 children. I said of course. So I brought my chaotic life up to her chaotic life and it turned out great.
Her kids are ages 6-17 so they are all quite self-reliant so I just had to make sure they ate and were at the right place at the right time.
I ventured out and took the kids swimming and made some pizza. Most of the bigger kids had places to be for dinner so that was stress free.
Saturday was the big "soccer mom" day. Two of her younger kids had soccer and I had to take them.
This is where it gets interesting. It was very cold and windy on Saturday so I had to make sure to bring lots of blankets for the kids, chairs, and I was worried about Carter being cold. We had lots of hands to help take out the chairs and blankets to watch our first game. The only concern was that my kids were cold but besides that it went fine. It was the afternoon game that proved to be a little more difficult.
On the way over to the game all three of my kids fell asleep. I dropped off Megan to find her field to play on but she didn't find it, so I had to run and find it for her with all of my kids still in the car. When I got back Carter was crying and Eliza was out of the car with her chair super tired. Fenton was still asleep and I didn't know how I was going to carry Carter, blankets, chairs and Fenton to the field. I was trying to get Fenton out of the back, while I have Carter in his car seat crying and Eliza crying. One mom walked by and asked where her mom was. I had my bum sticking out of the car trying to get Fenton. Finally he woke up but wanted me to carry him. After a lot of crying and being a pack mule we made it to the field. It turned out fine but I knew then I am not cut out to be a soccer mom, or I need a wagon to carry everything.
Melinda had a great time and I am glad that I could come and help. The kids loved playing with their cousins.

PS while in boise 2 major events happened. prince william and katherine got married and Osama Bin Laden was killed.

Mother's Day

And Yes I took a nap

Having Mother's day without your husband kind of makes it just another day. Although I did feel a lot of love from my kids. My mother came up for about 27 hours and we celebrated together.

The kids made me wonderful cards at church and my brother and his family came over and made dinner and cleaned up. My sister-in-law took the kids shopping for me and they picked me out a cute present. It was very thoughtful of Deanna. I got a new necklace and earings and a new shirt. I loved it.

My husband skyped me as soon as he could to tell me he loved me and wanted to be here to pamper me.

Happy Mother's day to all the other mothers!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Carter is smiling

Carter is nearly 3 months old and he is just getting to the fun stage. He is starting to smile and giggle. I love it! and boy does he love his mama.

He is such a good baby. I am blessed to have him right now. He doesn't fuss much, he sleeps well and he naps well. I love him so much and am grateful that he was sent to our family. I can't wait for David to come home and just eat him up.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was great. We had some cousins come into town so we played with them. We went to the big Egg hunt down town at the park. It is the same place that I went when I was a little kid. It was fun to see Fenton and Eliza with all of the other kids. Then we had a egg hunt at Grandma Hirschi's and they loved it. Then we had a candy hunt at the Carter's with the Carter's and it was great fun, so needless to say my kids were hunted out. Eliza got a beautiful new dress and Fenton got some new shorts.

I know the concept of resurrection is hard to understand for little children, but I hope that they learn and understand something new each time we try to teach it to them. We watched "To this end was I born" and Eliza wanted to watch it again. I am glad that she wanted to watch the movie about the Savior and bring the spirit of Easter into our home.

I know that this great event happened and it is the only way that we can return to our Heavenly Father and with our loved ones. I don't know how to show how grateful I am to my Savior for His love and sacrifice for me and my family. He truly is the Son of God.