Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life Center

There is a fun museum here called the Life Center and it is expensive to get in, but every few months they have toddler day when it is only 5 pounds for adults and the kids are free, so we went last week. I love it there and the kids have a blast. They have a lot of exhibits of different climates of the world and many other "sciencey" things but on toddler day they get out "soft play" things, bubble disco, music class, tables of legos, cars and building things, and they get out their "little giants" which are basically their really big bugs. That is Eliza's favorite part. She was touching a 6 inch centipede, trying to get a tarantula on her hand and petting the mice. It was so fun to see her really love it, and not be scared at all. It was a fun day out.
This is Fenton's favorite part, a table just his height full of cars and streets and buildings. He could spend all day right there.The really big centipede
You have to look close but that is a terantula the size of her hand, and Eliza inches from it.

bananas... and grapes

do you know the song "I like bananas coconuts and grapes" ? I was singing it today and later I heard Eliza singing her own version..
"I like bananas choking on my grapes"
I couldn't stop laughing.

Preparing for Island life

We will be moving to Grenada at the end of June and I have been buying a lot of things to prepare for the difference there,,,, mainly the heat and sun. But amidst all of these fun purchases, both kids couldn't resist preparing for their new climate with sunglasses, shorts and flip flops.


Some little girls can't go to sleep without their teddy bear or doll.. but no not our daughter. She can't go to sleep without putting out her next day's outfit, underwear and all. We think she is quite special. Teehee