Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twin Falls and the Hirschi's

Getting back in America deemed harder than we anticipated. I purchased our return tickets 10 months before our return date and our flight was changed to a different flight but in so doing they didn't give me a flight but Eliza and David were on the flights. About 3 months before we left I called several times to make sure that we were all on the same flights and that everything was set and they assured me that I got a seat on the same flight.
We arrived at the airport to go home and I went to check us in and the lady said that I had a reservation number and a reserved seat on the plane but I didn't have a ticket number issued to me so I couldn't check in. It took about 90 minutes to sort things out but by then we had already missed our flight and it meant we didn't leave for 2 more days. That was a huge bummer for us because we just locked our apartment up and threw away all of our food and our cell phone. After we found out we going home for 2 more days we got a hotel, a rental car and went back and dug the cell phone out of the dumpster.
We made the most of our 2 extra days by visiting friends and visiting a nearby city, Durham. It is a beautiful city.

We made it on our flights on Thursday and the kids did great even though it was a long day. It was nice to finally be back in Idaho.
The Hirschi welcomed us back with style, a big beautifully clean home, cinnamon rolls, homemade ice cream, root beer, steak, pizza, cookies and a lot of love. It was wonderful, although our kids were still getting back to the mountain time zone.
Just a few high lights from being in Twin Falls with the Hirschi's, jumping on the tramp, Julie graduating high school, tea party with grandma, fishing, bbq, forts, gardening, lots and lots of fun cousins, good food, card games, movies, shopping, fire pit and s'mores. We had such a great time with the Hirschi's. We miss them.

we are back in America

We are back. England was an adventure and the first half of our international stay, now we are on our last half. I will give more detail about that in later blogs, but now for our 5 weeks stay in the U.S. So many great things happened, I will just give you a few hi-lights.