Monday, January 23, 2012

Kids say the dardest things

Me: "I hate taxes"
Fenton: "me too".
oh really!!

Fenton: "ok the deal is off" 
ok, what deal and who are you to say it is off?

Fenton had a hard time waking up.  He did not eat his lunch before his nap, so when he woke up he asked for a cookie.  I said no and that lead into 45 minutes of him crying.  He then came up and asked for a graham cracker. I gave him 4.  He finished those and wanted more.  I gave him 2 more and he said no I don't want 2. So I said "do you want zero?" and he said yes.  I laughed and took away his graham crackers.  He looked at me then said "I wanted zero"  and was all mad so being the nice mom that I am I gave him back the 2 graham crackers and he kept saying "no, I wanted zero, this isn't zero i wanted zero" so I took them from him again and he continued to cry waiting for me to give him zero.  Fenton does not quite understand that zero is bad and that he should never want zero.  I laughed while he was crying to me to give him zero. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Krispy Kreme

We are still indulging in some of America's finest.  We hadn't had a good doughnut in a while so we went for the very best.  The kids loved it and David downed a good 1/2 dozen.  We also had 2 maple bars within the first week of being back in America.  Our waistlines are paying for it but they were quite delightful

Monday, January 16, 2012


We got a motorcycle handed down from my sweet sister and the kids have loved riding up and down the driveway on it.  Even Carter got in on the action and he loved it.  His little chin was shivering while riding in the wind.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Christmas Pics

Carter got a new toy but he left it and played with his bottle.

David got a new ski helmet, dry erase markers and 2 A&W mugs.  Not hard to make this man happy.
I got a skill saw.  I have so many ideas for this.  Let the building begin.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was amazing. It was wonderful to be in America and in our own little house (though it is my parents it feels like our place). All the kids wanted was flashlights and a ball. Here are a few pics of Christmas.

David was in charge of making sweet potatoes. They were delicious and he was very proud.

I made Eliza and Fenton a little desk out of an extra crib. I painted the desk part with chalk paint. I decorated the sides and put up large oil pan catchers on the side so they can magnet up all of their art.  They loved that they had their own little space to put their stuff. Orginally I made for Eliza to have a place to color but she loves to have a place of her own.
Also Christmas Eve turned out to be a bit more exciting than anticipated.  That night our cousins came over and played  and one of them stepped on Fenton's toe.  He said it really hurt.  We just kissed it better thinking nothing of it.  As the evening went on Fenton was limping and hopping.  His toe must be really hurting him.  I looked at it and it looked red but not broken.  I gave him Tylenol and put him to bed but he just cried and cried.  By 1:00 AM I gave him more medicine but he was barely sleeping.  By 4:00 I knew something was wrong so I took him to the ER.  He got his toe X-rayed but it wasn't broken. They perscribed some tylenol with codeine and anitbiotics.  That helped him sleep.  The next day the toe looked super bad, all swollen purple, red and white.  There was an infection already.  We popped it and it helped with the pressure but poor kid was in some major pain.  After about a week the toenail and the top half of his toenail skin came off.  That made for a long Christmas eve for me. 
We visited Temple square and it was beautiful. The kids were cold but I asked Eliza after we got back in the warm car if she liked and she said she thought it was amazing.

The desk before Christmas

Our Christmas Eve with a fire stockings hung and christmas cookies and milk. Merry Christmas to all. It is such a joyous time to be with family and remember the beginning of our Savior.