Thursday, March 7, 2013

sesame street

 We got tickets to sesame street for the kids.  When we told them they really didn't care or know what that meant.  I was worried that we spent all of that money and they wouldn't like it.
When we went into the theatre and all of the characters came out their eyes got so wide.  They loved it.  They  kept looking for Elmo and Carter kept saying Elmo  "foorororr you, yeah you" 

This is their wide eyes as they watched the show.  They all participated and clapped and loved it.  It was a perfect time to take them because 1 or 2 more years and Eliza will be too big and Fenton won't think it is cool.  Such a fun night with the kids.

Carter is 2

Happy birthday to Carter.  Nothing too amazing for his birthday.  I attempted a spiderman cake.  He loved blowing out the candle.  He is full of spirit and personality.  He will melt your heart by his words.  I wish I could video camera him all day because he is such a cook.  I love him and I am so glad he was sent to our family.

here is a video of him blowing out his candles.

winter fest

 The town hosts a cute little winterfest.  We decided to brave the cold and snow and go check it out.  David was gone that weekend so it was me with the kids.  It was the weekend before the superbowl so they had som tailgating games and football games.  The kids loved it.
                                    They had ice sculptures up and down the main street.
They had hot dogs and hot cocoa for us to enjoy on the cold day.  They also had a fire pit and smores.  The kids loved it.  They were actually in the newpaper roasting their mashmellows. 
This was a fun event.  Anything to break up the cold short days of winter.

what is going on in Eliza's life

Eliza started a ballet class a few weeks ago.  This is a pic of her first day.  She was very nervous as you can tell.  She is so cute to wear her tutu and her ballet shoes.  She thinks she is so special.  The teacher is a petite little sweet as honey ballet teacher. 
This is Eliza's valentine box for school.  It is an ipod. 

                                                                      A close up.  Cute huh?
   Eliza dressed up to be 100 years old the 100th day of school.  I thought she was so cute.  She didn't feel "comfortable" so she didn't wear her wig much, but she tried.  A bunch of kids at school dressed up too, one had curlers, several had canes or walkers, some had suspenders or shawls. They were so creative and she had so much fun. 
I did Eliza's hair in 3 hearts for school on valentines  day.  I thought it turned out pretty cute.