Tuesday, April 30, 2013

cute things the kids have said

Fenton "This was not my best day ever mom" in disgust before bedtime.

Fenton "you're only a little dumb mom, not a lot of dumb"

Eliza recently learned what sitting "shotgun" meant.  She asked me "can I sit that gun seat mom?"

Aunt Tiff was describing how hard it was to keep her boyfriend Ryan straight from his room mate Ryan.  Aunt Tiff then said "so when I went over to their house and would knock on the door and ask for Ryan, both would come to the door".  Eliza then said "so what did you do.  did you say "where is my love person?".  I thought that was pretty cute.

Fenton was at playgroup learning about the letter J and he was saying all the words that started with J.  He then said "Jewin, that starts with J right, Jewin".  The mom then said "yes Jewin starts with J, but what does Jewin mean?"
Fenton looked at her with complete confididence, " like 'what cha jewin?'" .  I laughed and laughed.  What a cute kid.

Monday, April 29, 2013

My handy work

 I knew that Carter was growing out of his crib and I needed to have options for him to sleep in and I also wanted a place for guests.  I knew that I wanted a bunk with a twin over a queen.  there are not a ton of options for that and it is quite pricey.  I decided to make a bunk bed.  I looked on Anna-white and found a plan for a bunk bed that I could do and I liked. So I bought the wood, borrowed some tools, bought some tools and started.  I cut the wood to the lengths and started sanding. Sanding and sanding and sanding.  I sanded for about 4 days.  My arm hurt and my shoulder hurt, but while I spent hours sanding I was inspired of a gospel principle I may share later... anyway. Here it is, stained, sanded, and it holds the kids.  I love it because when we get a bigger home we can just have a loft bed, we can have just a queen.  It is versatile. 
Also I wanted some place to store our skiis so I went to work and built this little ski holder in about 1 hour.  It works great.  I am looking for another project.  I got a really nice drill now and a new corner pocket tool to use.  Let the building begin.

zoo and the twin boys

                                                   Some pics from the zoo

 Grandma sent some soccer shirts and Carter had to be a twin with Fenton and where them together.  so cute!

Easter 2013

 We had a fun crazy Easter.  I was super busy that week building bunkbeds so I didn't spend a lot of time preparing for Easter like I would have liked.  Kensi was sweet enough to invite us over for an egg hunt and they loved that.  It was one of the few nice days we have had so it was perfect.  I did fit in about 30 min for the kids to dye eggs, but I was running around like a crazy person.
Grandma sent Eliza a beautiful Easter dress and she loved it.  This is before church on Easter Sunday.  I love my cutie pants.  Eliza was expecting the Easter bunny to come after church, but it had been raining all day and we came home from church and she was very disappointed.  She had written a note to the Easter bunny and asked for a chocolate bunny and put it on the front window.  She was so sad when the easter bunny hadn't come after church.  The kids took a nap and while they were sleeping the Easter bunny came and left Eliza a note and told her she didn't get a chocolate bunny but got a new movie.  They loved running around in the backyard to pick up candy.  They had a great Easter day.  We really tried to teach them that Easter was about Jesus Christ resurrection.  I think that it is a temporary teaching process, for it is yearly thing that we need to remind them of.
I am grateful for such a wonderful season to remember that all things will be resurrected, as we waited for the flowers and warmer days to come, I was reminded that I will be waiting for the SON also.

Hands on Museum

 We bought a membership to the Hands on Museum close by and we have loved it.  The kids love to play and look at the magnets. 

 This the ball room with a water feature. They spents 2 hours in here.  They loved it and I love that they love it. 
                                                       Fenton is a goof ball

Miss Eliza

 I have been quite creative with Eliza's hair lately (thanks to pinterest)  I see something and say "I can do that" so I try.  The 1st was for St. Patricks day... it is supposed to be a clover.  Then for Valentines day we did 3 hearts together.  For Easter Eliza wanted me to do an easter egg.  I couldn't quite figure that one out. 

 Eliza and David went to a Daddy daughter dance.  They had so much fun.  Eliza was very excited.  The night before we taught her YMCA just in case.  She went and requested the dance and loved it.  What a fun memory for her and David.

                        The zoo is one of our favorite places to visit and they love the butterfly house.