Thursday, April 16, 2015


I just needed to write down some super cute things that Carter has said.
He doesn't say is "r"s very well or is "AR".
He says definitely all the time.   "mom Fenton definitely hurt my feelings"  "i need to definitely hold on to this".
He loves spider man and makes up songs about him.  He loves dancing and asks for dance parties all the time.
He know that Jesus died for us and because he was resurrected we will be too.  He is willing to tell you that at any point during the day.
He saw a pic of Jesus on the cross and he said "Jesus is trapped.  His hands are tied"
He love super mario brothers on the Wii.  He has a victory dance that he does when he wins anything.  If he is struggling... like on a hike, playing a game... ect  he tells me to yell "go Carter, go Carter"  to cheer him on.
He is such a fun happy kids that cracks me up ever day.