Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My rugged mountain man

If anyone knows my husband you also know that he hates facial hair. He never grows his facial hair and never grows a goatee. He says that he always wants to be clean cut and clean shaven. Every once in a while he will go a week without shaving but for Sunday he always shaves.

Well with his schedule for this last month of studying all day and then working he just didn't want to hastle with shaving, so he grew it out for 2 weeks. He was my rugged mountain man. He couldn't stand any longer so last night he shaved. It was such a relief to him too.

So for 2 weeks this is what he looked like. He looks good huh??? Just imagine him on Sunday with in a fancy tan suit. So distinguished!!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

I had a great mother's day. David knew that he would be super busy studying for the MCAT so about 2 weeks ago he went and bought be a new DVD player, because ours had broken, a season of Cosby, a season of Wings, and new book. He wanted to make sure that I had something to look forward to now that he was going to be gone studying all day.
On Mother's day he made me breakfast, most of dinner and peanut butter bars all by himself. They were super good. I just relaxed, read, and played game on Sunday. It was a great mother's day.
To all of the other mothers out there I hope you had a great mothers day and know that you are loved and appreciated.
I am now about 25 weeks along and I need my naps daily along with a good dosing of chocolate. I blame it on my pregnancy but that could be true any day of the year. Also I really have been living off of cereal as long as it has a good dollop of sugar.
Things are progressing well and the baby looks healthy so far.

just stuff

the weather here has been super good. We had a few thunder storms but that has helped make the weather so pleasant. Eliza and I have been going on bike rides every once in a while and she is the cutest thing.
David is studying super hard for the MCAT that he will take at the end of the month.

Also I can add onto random things that Eliza is afraid of.

Airplanes in the sky

the moon


Due to the pressure from Davids mom to get professional pics, I took her in last week to JCPenny and took pics. She was terrible. not one smile. She was so scared she wouldn't get away from her blanket or me. She usually is not like that. So althought some of the pics are semi-cute non-smiling, it just doesn't do our little happy girl justice. Here is one that I took because I wanted to try to capture her at home being happy.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Why Grandpas should be jealous

We really miss living near our parents because Eliza doesn't get to know her grandparents but we have 2 reasons why the grandpas should be jealous,
#1.. Eliza loved doing hair, combing and rubbing and loves to put on lotion all of the face and legs.

#2 .. she is getting good at trying to say "grandpa"

I had to put both videos because they were so cute.... also at the beginning of one she does a cheeser grin, that is what she does every time the camera comes out... where does she get that from???