Saturday, September 19, 2009

Favorite places

I have noticed that there are some favorite places of the kids... this is Fentons. He loves to open the washer/dryer and pull out the clothes then stick his head in, often times with his legs scrambling to get in all of the way, not yet successful. He loves to take coins or pens and have them clank around in it or just yell in it. I think he likes that it echos

This is one of their favorite places, on the window sill. They could spend hours there watching what is going on in the real world. With no TV, I think this is the biggest screen that we could get, and some outside entertainment too. They get mad at me if I want them to get down. Fenton gets himself up there. I think it is cute.

One of my fondest memories of my home in Twin Falls is the fireplace. We had 3 of them when I was growing up. I remember waking up on a freezing morning and my parents would already be up, reading their scriptures by the fire. I loved snuggling up next to it while I woke up and my mom always had hot chocolate ready and waiting for me. That always made me feel like I was home.

There is something about a fireplace that is so inviting, even if it isn't a real fire. This is our little fireplace, it has hot air coming from it but the flame is just a light. It has been chilly in the morning, so I have taught the kids how to snuggle by the fire, even if it is only 5 minutes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today's adventures

Quick update, we still don't have our money in the England bank, but we do have it in our US bank and it has been the darndest thing to try to transfer it over. With 2 different wire transfers going we may get it by next Friday.
We still don't have our Internet. We have been "borrowing it" from our neighbor, but the Internet company said it would be another 3 weeks... crazy..
other than that things are going well. The kids and I are getting into a good groove and David is studying a lot, like he should.
Today the kids and I went out for an adventure around town. We walked near the newcastle which the city was named after and built it 1100's and it was open for "heritage day" for free. So me and kids toured the Newcaste. I thought it was sooo cool but Eliza was a little scared of the big stone stairs. There were spiral stone staircases and corridors everywhere. I kept telling her that it is like the castle like "sleeping beauty" and that would calm her down for a couple of minutes. We were able to go clear to the top and see the city. It was a fun surprise for us to tour this "newcastle".

We were walking around and saw this limo H2 and it was pink and it is called "pinkerbell" so Eliza graciously posed it front of it.

more and please

Fenton has learned the sign language for more and please.

Grandpa Fenton David Hirschi

Thursday morning we received news that Grandpa Fenton David Hirschi had a major heart attach while mowing the lawn and he passed away a few hours later.
Grandpa Hirschi was a great example, hard worker, strong in the gospel and was faithful until the end. We are grateful for the legacy that he left the Hirschi family. What an honor to have our son named after his Great Grandfather, Fenton David.

Friday, September 11, 2009

our little flat

this is a video of our little flat.

I don't know any other way to put this video on, So I hope you can view it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eliza is silly

some of the funny things that Eliza does at the age of 2 1/2 years

when she says "more" she says "morn"
computer is "pewger"
star is "scar"
pacifier is "fire"
she picks up on a lot of things I say that I am not aware of. Recently she says "for a minute" I now catch myself always saying "for a minute". eg... she now says "mommy are these your shoes for a minute" "are we going to the park for a minute" "we are going to take a bath for a minute" I say it all of the time, but it sounds funny coming from her.
When she is not being a good little girl I say "you are being a pill" tonight she was eating good and she said "mommy I not being a pillow."
She loves princess anything and the park.
she is potting training right now and is doing well. It is awesome to see her grow and learn. I have started to rely on her to help with the little things like opening and holding the door as I take in the stroller, getting my shoes, help feed Fenton and getting her shoes and clothes on. She loves to help and I am starting to realize that this could make my life easier.