Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We played spring soccer this year.  Fenton did so great.  He was quite the stud.  He got multiple goals each game, but he assisted on a ton of goals and helped his team mates that would never score get a goal.  He has such control over the ball and is super fast.  I love watching his games.  I am so proud of him.

On the other side with Eliza, she didn't have a coach 3 days before he 1st game so I volunteered to be coach.  It was really rough for me.  I would get about half of the girls to come to practice or games.  We didn't do that great and it was frustrating to me.  Eliza was a great goalie and stopped a ton of goals.  She got to play offender once or twice and did great there too.  We did end on a good game.  We lost but they played their best.  

Carter's 4th birthday

Carter's birthday was in February but I had forgotten to put anything down.  We didn't have a part or anything but we made it a special day for him.  He got spiderman cupcakes so he was happy.  I sure love this bundle of joy in my life!!!!!!

Girls weekend

 My mom turned 70 and all she wanted was for us to get together.  We had so much fun.  We went to a paint thing where we all tried to learn to paint.  Tiff and I talked about how bad we would do... and Tiff's first stroke was the wrong color... we laughed and laughed.  We went out to dinner and had a small photo shoot for mom.  We love our mom so much.  She raised some strong women. 

Volleyball tournament

 I was invited to go to a volleyball tournament in Jackson Hole.  I had so much fun!!!  we played really well too.  We got 2nd in our bracket.  I got to know these great women and had a blast.  I hope I can do this again.  It made me feel young again. 

weekends in April

 April was a very strange month for weather.  This is what we did one weekend.  then the next weekend I put on the sprinklers and let them run around and bask in the sun... seriously 7 days apart.


 I have been wanting to build something for the kids to play with in the back yard.  So I planned for a structure that was big enough that they could play with it for a while and I could add to it if I wanted to.  It is 6 feet high and has a cargo net, which I made, a ladder, rock climbing wall and a bar that they can twirl on.  I am working on a slide for them.  I love that it can be added to and it isn't so small.  I hope they love it too.

Fenton and animals

 Fenton loves animals and wants to go hiking everyday so he can catch snakes and lizards.  While we were in  Boise for  week he caught 2 snakes and had the best day.  

This is Carter just being super silly.  Love this kid.

Hot tub

 For Mother's day Father's day and my birthday David got us a hot tub.  We are pretty stoked about it.  It was a beast to put in.  We rented a HUGE forklift to lift it up and move it to the back yard.  David was a great driver (because he has his class A from my dad).  We leveled out the spot, Jason (david's brother) hooked up the power and we filled it up and the next morning we got in and all had a blast.  I grew up with a hot tub and I loved just getting warm before school, after practice, after water skiing or snow skiing.  Hopefully my kids will have great memories with this one too.  Thanks David for a great present!!!

mom's pink bathroom

My mom started to get real serious about selling her house so I offered my non professional hands to help do the bathroom that has been undone for 2 1/2 years.  This is a before and after shot.  I wish it was a better pic... but you get the idea.  
 I took off all the wall paper, put in new light fixtures, painted the walls, put a frame around the huge mirror, stripped, sanded and painted the cupboards and put new handles on it.  Added a new shower rod and curtain and it doesn't look so bad.  Yes I know that it is still pink tile... but as I said this was as far as my pay grade would allow me to do! 

Fenton graduates from Kindergarten

 Fenton graduated from Kindergarten and he was so stinking cute.  He got the 2nd most miles in the 100 mile club so he got a metal and a gift card to a local sports store.  I was pretty pound of him.  He is such a great student and good helper in class.  The teacher loved him.  

 Isn't he handsome!


 Eliza had her first clogging performance.  She was in a few dances but she did so great.  She smiled and smiled.  She loves clogging and practices all of the time. 

 Eliza had a spring performance.  It was disney on Parade (I did the "Disney on parade" in the back) and she sang a solo of Frozen.  She did so great.  I was so proud of her. 

 Easter weekend was the beginning of soccer so we snuck a little easter egg hunt in before the games.  They had a lot of fun.

Easter outfits.  I love these kids!!!!!