Thursday, January 20, 2011

uncle blake's house

Last weekend we went up to Bountiful to visit with my parents and Blake and Estee. We had a great time. On Friday we dropped the kids off with Amy, David's sister to play with cousins. They had so much fun, they didn't want to leave. While they were there we went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU and it was awesome. I would highly recommend going if anyone is near BYU. David and I walked around campus and I showed him all of my hideouts. It was fun to reminisce with him.
On Saturday we went sledding with the kids and it was awesome. The kids loved it and it was a great day with great soft snow. We told Eliza that if she can pull the sled up the hill by herself she could go down by herself. It was only about 30 seconds before she was pulling that sled up the hill and would slide down all by herself. She loved it. She did great and had only minor spills.
The hill was perfect enough that I even went down a few times. It was a blast!!

just for David.... he hates this coat I am wearing and I do have a coat that matches the rest of the family, but it doesn't fit around my belly so I had to resort to this ugly one (although I love how warm it is)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It is definitely a boy

I had a proper ultra sound a few weeks ago and they said that it is a boy! we are very excited.

Here is a picture of me about 34 weeks along on New Year's eve.

New Years 2011

For New Year's Eve we went up to my sister's house in Boise. There were quite the festivities. It was New Years, my brother-in laws birthday and my nieces birthday and a baptism. For New Year's we all had to wear crazy hats and we had a chocolate fountain that the kids loved. We counted down the evening at 10:00 and then we put the kids to bed. David and I fell asleep while putting the kids to sleep. We almost made it to 12:00 but not quite.
We played games, went swimming, watched some football and had a great time. It is so nice to be around family and be apart of their life even for a little bit.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas surprises

I knew what I was going to get David for Christmas for a few weeks so I was excited and ready. I bought him some new scriptures while he was still in Grenada and I wrapped them up inconspicuously and was excited for him to have it. I thought it would be a nice surprise for him. He came home and saw the present and didn't know what it was. But a few days later he commented that he wanted to scriptures for Christmas so I felt like the surprise was taken away and I had already thought of it a couple of weeks ago. This is him opening it up and being a little surprised and excited.

While this was all happening I really didn't know what David was going to get me. I gave him a few ideas and we went shopping but I knew that he hadn't bought anything. I also knew that he didn't have much time to shop and buy something for me. He and his dad and brother went down to Las Vegas for the BSU bowl game so I knew he was gone for 3 days and he didn't buy anything on Christmas Eve, so truly I didn't think he got anything for me. I even went out and bought a few small things for me from him. When all of the presents were opened, I started to gather all of the kids toys thinking that it was over, he truly didn't get anything for me this year. I almost started to get tears in my eyes but tried to not care. Just then he went back and brought out a guitar stand, then a guitar case, then a beautiful guitar. I couldn't believe it. He bought me a really nice guitar. He knew I played a little bit but saw a twinkle in my eyes the last time I played in Bountiful in June and got the idea that it would be a good hobby for me. It was great, the guitar is beautiful and sounds wonderful. I am excited to get better. It was very thoughtful. He did the true surprising this year. Thanks David !!!


Christmas was great with so much family around. We spent Christmas eve with the Hirschi's. We all hopped in the back of the truck and went caroling. The kids loved riding in the back, even though it was super cold.
Santa made a special appearance and kids loved it. We also had a short nativity with all of the grandkids and it was great.

I feel very blessed to be back in America and we were spoiled for Christmas. Just being back in the USA is the greatest gift. David and I had to readjust to a few things but we always looked at each other and feel very blessed with everything that we have and all of the opportunities that we have had and can have here. I am grateful that we have a time of year that people want to feel peace, feel more generous to the less fortunate and remember the life of Christ.

change of direction

In November we had to make some quick decisions about our future that we were not prepared for. David really felt impressed that he should re-take a class to prepare better for the STEP I test. After we both decided that this was the best for his future, not necessarily the best for the present, I had to start thinking quickly of how it was going to affect me and the kids. So with much prayer and planning, we decided to come home for Christmas and I would have the baby in the USA and then David would go back to Grenada for that semester.
After that decision was made, we had to start preparing for it, move out of our house, get a new apartment for David, see if I could have the baby in the USA, where we would stay and book flights.
We really looked forward to being home for the holidays and be in the cold and snow.
I took the kids home and then David flew to Charleston then drove all of our stuff to Idaho. We are staying at my parents home while David returns to Grenada. This is not optimal and it will be a tough year, but it will be the best for our family.
I flew to NYC and my dad met me there to help with the kids and all of the luggage I had. It was so nice to have him there to help take the kids to the bathroom, for a walk, be a distraction, and help with the luggage as I am large with child.
So quick decisions have changed the direction of our lives.