Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ogden Temple

 The Ogden temple had an open house this month and last minute I decided to take my kids through.  We showed up Monday morning for standby tickets and there were thousands of people there.  The line for people that have tickets was super long and those without tickets was even longer.  We waited and waited.  I was not prepared for the wait with water or snacks.  The kids were so great and didn't whine.  I kept asking them if we wanted to bail because the wait would be nearly 2 hours.  Eliza kept saying no, she wanted to see the temple.  SO we waited it out, and we were so blessed because there was a group of college kids had more tickets then people so they asked us to come with them with tickets and that saved us an hour wait.  We enjoyed the temple and it was beautiful, but the kids thought there was a lot of halls, which there are.  I am glad they had this experience and know what a temple looks like on the inside.
I bore my testimony that this is where we can be sealed for eternity with our family.  Heaven won't be heaven if we don't have our family with us.  What a special day with my special little ones.

First day of school

Eliza had her first day of 2nd grade and Fenton first day of kindergarten.  They were very excited to go.  Eliza couldn't go to sleep fast enough for the first day to come.  Fenton has school Tues and Thurs and every other Monday.  This makes it not very consistant but I am hoping that since it is all day that it will still do him well. 
Love they little people.

Fenton's birthday

Fenton turned 6.  we had a little party for him.  His friends, cousins, and grandparents came up.  He got some great toys and fun clothes.  We played pass the parcel, piƱata, and cornhole.  I think they had a great time. 
Fenton is turned into such a great little boy and is going to do great in Kindergarten.  He is so sweet to his brother and tries to be nice to Eliza.  He is quite the athlete and loves soccer and baseball, basketball, tennis, and skiing.  I love this little guy.