Saturday, March 8, 2014


The week after winter break offers great deals at different amusement parks.  We went to Kalahari in Sandusky, OH with some friends from the branch. It is the largest indoor water park in the US.  It has a huge water park with tons of slides, wave pool, 2 bodyboarding areas, 2 kiddies play areas, indoor softplay, arcade, spa, ect.  It was huge.  We arrived Wed night and went straight to the park.  We hit as many slides as we could, according to height.  Eliza loved the toilet bowl the most.  Fenton loved the Cheeta races, Carter loved the small pools with octopus basketball hoops.  David loved the bodyboarding area and I loved the indoor/outdoor hot tub.  Something for all of us.

 By Friday morning the kids were worn out.  Fenton and Carter didn't even want to get their swimsuits on.  They were done. I took them to the arcade for a little bit and let them play inside in the indoor funscape.  It was awesome with balls and slides and airguns.  My favorite part is that I could run around inside the funscape with them and go down the slides.  It was fun for me, but exhausting. 
 Thursday we were the first ones in and hit it as hard and fast as we could.  Carter was exhausted and so he and I went back for a long nap in our room.  The other kids and David kept playing. 

 After we played in the arcade we got the kids in the waterpark one more time before going home.  The boys were still tired but wanted to relax in the lazy river and hot tub.  Also we all went to the bodyboarding pool and Fenton, Eliza, David and I all did it.  It was a blast and I was so proud of the kids of being so brave and try it.  I was a little nervous but as soon as I got on it, I tried and flip, and I made it.  I was super pumped about that.  check out the videos of all the kids doing it.


It was a great vacation with our friends and family.  I hope the kids remember what a special, unique, fun 3 days we had. 

David's beard

 As mentioned before, this winter has been severally cold.  David had his last interview Dec 12 and he stopped shaving after that.  He got past the itchy stage and then really had a great beard.  I was surprised that he kept it for so long but he said it helped so much keep him warm.  He walks to work and he said what a difference it is with a beard.  He didn't shave for over 2 months.  He grows a great beard but it was time for it to come off.  So here are a few pics of his progression of shaving it off.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Waiting for residency

Well we have put in our top picks and order for residency and now we wait.  We will know if he matches on March 17 and then we find out where he matches on March 21.  We are waiting patiently.  It is like we have sent in our mission papers and now we wait to be told where we go.  It is to be announced in 3 weeks, let the countdown begin.

Winter break

1st I have to tell how horrible this winter has been.  There have been articles saying that this is the worst winter for Detroit since 1950, we have had 6 1/2 feet of snow and 100 days of below freezing weather.  It is March 2 and it snowed 4 inches last night, this is on top of non melted foot of snow.  This is a long winter.  with that said, we had a winter break and we hit a lot of museums.
 We went to the Henry Ford.  The kids enjoyed it for about 2 hours.  This is the chair President Lincoln was assassinated in. 
 This is the kids putting together a model T

 Old Model T at the Detroit historical museum.
 Eliza was a volunteer at the power show at the science museum and her hair stood up so awesome.  The guy said that this wasn't usual so we took lots of pics and she had a great time with her hair standing on end.

Carter is 3

 Happy Birthday to my Little Carter dude.  I love this little guy and he is full of personality.  I love just watching him, he makes everything hilarious.  Even when he eats and walks he is full of life. 
 He loves Despicable me and so I attempted minions, he loved them.

 He got Jake and the never land pirate stuff.  He slept with it and played Peter Pan and Jake for a week after.  I love it.

Girls night out

 Eliza's hair on Valentines day.  See the heart????  David got Eliza flowers and sent them to her in school.  I hope she felt special and knew she was loved.  David got me some chocolate covered strawberries and they were fun and delicious.  I got David a coconut cream pie.  We enjoyed our date and our treats.
 The High School had a little fund raiser and had the little girls get a make over then walk down a cat walk.  They were pampered with nail polish, makeup and hair styles.  We had pizza and cupcakes and treats. 

 It was fun to see Eliza look older, play with her friends and feel special. 

Eliza with her friends.

Seahawks win!!!!!!!

 Seahawks went to the Superbowl and we are die hard fans.  David was so excited that they were going to the superbowl.  He started planning a party and invited a ton of people.  He bought Seahawks party supplies, shirts, flags, fingernail stickers, and under eye stickers. 
 I made these shirts because we couldn't find kid shirts.  These are all of the awesome sayings of the Seahawks "12th man"  "#Louder" "Legion of Boom" and "Beast Mode"
 We were all super excited for the game.

I made this board for the Super bowl champions!!  Well the party went awesome, pop, food, friends and an awesome game.  David was jumping up and down and screaming.  Just for information, Seahawks KILLED the Broncos.  The opening play of the Broncos was a safety for the Seahawks and it just continued in that matter.  By half we were up 23-0.  We taped the game and David has watched it 4 times since.  Seattle went crazy and had a huge parade when they came home.  They had 700K people show up.  It was Seahawk Nation!!!  It was so fun to be apart of an awesome team with unique players and a young quarterback.  Go Seahawks!!!!

My super heroes

 My boys love getting dresses up.  They fly around the house fighting off bad guys and using their weapons.  I love it!