Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day everyone. We had a great day. David went and ran some errand in the morning but in the afternoon we made sugar cookies and had a blast. Eliza helped a lot. THere was only a minimal of cookie dough eaten.
David made breakfast and he bought another season of Frasier. I loved it. I made him a nice dinner and got him some IBC rootbeer.

I am so glad that I get to have my valentines day with my best friend forever. David is such a great guy and I love him so much. I hope he knows that even if it isn't valentines day. here are some pics... enjoy


We were so lucky that my parents were on the east coast for little bit. They had a charity trip to the Dominican Republic and so they made a long way home by stopping at my house for a couple of days and my sisters house for a couple of days. It was great. (incidentally y parents were in the DR with Brady Quinn and AJ Hawks and Brady Papinga, those are all NFL players and David about fell over when he saw the picture of my parents with them)

It was so great to have Eliza play with Grandma and grandpa. We tried to put my dad to work and we started to put up the railing for our deck. We didn't finish because it got late but I will get pictures of the finished product. It will look awesome. The weather was great and we played a lot of tennis. I got killed the first day but when we played again I played better but my dad still got the better of me.

Also I wanted the big tree in our front yard to start to earn it's keep so we put up a huge swing courtesy of my parents. Eliza loves it. She swings about 5 times a day. Even about 8 at night she wants to swing. She can get really high but she loves it