Friday, January 15, 2016

Carbon Monoxide

One Saturday morning an alarm was going off at 6:15 AM.  David had just left for work and I followed the sound to our CO detector.  I got the kids together and called 911.  The firemen came and checked out our house. They said they did detect carbon monoxide but they couldn't detect where it was coming from.  They suspected it was from David's car when he left.  They vented out our house and said it will be fine.
I have been a little more weary of CO and Eliza has had a few days of major concern or trouble sleeping.  I am grateful for the alarm and I have to totally have faith in it that it will do its job because you can't detect this harmful gas.  There is no other way to detect it except for CO detectors.  It reminds me of the Holy Ghost that we have to totally trust that it will tell of danger that we cant see and we have to take those warnings seriously.

David gets his appendix out

The week before Thanksgiving David was complaining of having a stomach ache.  It continued for a few days until Friday morning he was sitting by the fire and realized that it was all localized right where his appendix was.  He knew that it was trouble.  He went into work at 7:00 am and at 7:50 the hospital called me and said that they have admitted David to the ER.  By 2:30 he was in surgery getting his appendix out.  Not exactly what we were planning for the weekend.
He recovered well with a few days of set backs and pain but he recovered well and is now appendix free.

Christmas 2015

 I only took a few pics of Christmas but it was so great. The kids got light sabers, puzzles, slippers, yoyo, remote control truck and much more.  We played games, did puzzles, ate fudge, got in the hot tub, watched movies, took naps.  It was great.  My parents came up for a few days over Christmas and then we headed to Twin Falls for a few days.  David had about a week and a half off and he was so relaxed and wanted the best Christmas.  

Thanksgiving 2015

 It was super cold and we just got a great bunch of new snow.  Grandpa brought up his snowmobiles and hooked up the sleds.  The kids were pulled around and around.  They had so much fun and came in freezing cold.  We had a lot of great food, tons of games, snacks, football shopping.  Just what Thanksgiving should be.  

Fenton got citizen of the month

 At Fenton's school they recognize students that have been sweet and helpful.  Fenton was chosen first.  I was so proud of him. I love his new school and he has really excelled there.  What a stud! was crazy hair day that day... thus the principals and teachers hair looked funny.

Weekend with the Osorios

 The haunted train ride.  The train ride itself was kind of lame, but we made it so much fun getting dressed up.  We got free pumpkins.  We also totally saw Tony Stark.

 And Clark Kent and Louis Lane!!!
 What a beautiful bunch of kids!

 We hiked to a water fall and of course David had to walk through it, but this time Fenton and Eliza followed.  What a beautiful day!

California with David

 It was a quick trip to California for the weekend. David was going down with the ISU football team and he got meto go.  We rented a car and went up the coast a bit.  We had fun walking the beach and seeing the little markets. It was a cool get away.

pics from my phone

 So this will have no order because these are all pics from my phone.
This was a quick trip to California with David and the ISU football team.  We hit a pier and a market.  It was a fun quick weekend away from the kids.  

 Our weekend with the Osorio's in Utah. We rented a cabin and it was so great and relaxing.  The weather was great, the BYU game was great, hike to the Y was great.  What a fun time and place to stay.

 We dressed up for the haunted train ride. Fenton was Ironman and David was Tony Stark.  they both looked so great.  I tried to be Pepper Potts but didn't look as good as them.

 We hiked the Y and the kids did great.
 Fenton and his soccer team. He is such a stud playing soccer.  They were a great team

 Some fun in the leaves

 Crazy Hair day at school
 Oscar Meyer weiner truck at the Pocatello Zoo. FUN!
 Halloween, we had Mario Luigi and a rockstar
 A pic of my favorite coat, (David hates it)  It reminds me of my dad and i have worn it at college.  Love this coat

 I made these for my siblings.  There was sign at my parents house in Twin Falls and they took it down to get ready to sell the house. It was a very sad day so I decided to make one for each of the kids.  It was quite the project but I thought they turned out so awesome.  I hope my siblings like them.
 Eliza clogging competition which she got 5 1st places.
 My mission count down poster.  I just wanted proof of it.
 Thanksgiving David wanted an Elf day so we went and got shirts for it. Love it!
 We donated to the blanket drive at church

 Thanksgiving was hosted at Jason's house in Idaho Falls. We wanted to do a service project so we made decorations to the safe house.  It was so much fun and they were really appreciative of the decorations

 Eliza's pink panther clogging outfit

 Eliza is just beautiful and it was her birthday.  She turned 9.

 Playing at uncle Blake's house corn hole.  And of course they had to wear their protective head gear.  Love it.

 Christmas Eve we got in the hot tub and then made snow angels.  It was such a lovely evening. It snowed on us while we were in there. 
Fenton and I cross country skiing for the first time.