Friday, May 24, 2013


David had a test in Chicago so we decided to make a quick trip of it.  We have never been there before so we were excited.  While David was taking his test I took the kids to the Lincoln park Zoo.  It was pretty cool.  It is free and so open and tons of people just walking through or riding their bikes.  We saw some cool lions and mountains lions.  Eliza loved it that the Lion was roaring, really loud.  They had some pretty cool bats and other nocturnal animals.  Their apes were awesome and they had a special little playland for the kids.  I called it the spider man play place.  They loved it.  They climbed and climbed around.  I had to go in after Carter because he wouldn't come out when it was closing.  We just hung out the played soccer outside on the river front park.  We had a great view of the city skyline.   

 We headed to the SHEDD aquarium the next day with David.  We were able to pet some sting rays.  the kids loved it.  We went there first because no one was there yet, but at the end of the day Eliza wanted to go back.  It was pretty amazing to be so close to these water flying creatures. 

 The jellyfish display was pretty cool.  All sorts of jellyfish and all lit up.  So cool and relaxing.
 This was a play submarine.  The kids loved it.  This is Carter trying to see putting all of his little toes to work holding him  up. 

 A rare moment when it was just our kids in there.
 They had a penguin exhibit and the kids could dress up like penguins and they had a little slide to slide on their bellies.  Carter and Fenton loved it.  Fenton was so cute waddling around and sliding on his belly.  I had to pull Carter away and he was sooooooo mad at me.  But what cute penguins they make.
 The sky line of Chicago.  I was really surprised with Chicago.  I didn't think it was going to be this big.  It was huge.  I went to the park and it was a happening place.  Tons of bikers, runners, tennis, kayakers, etc.  I couldn't believe it.  The neighborhood were awesome to have such a vibrant city.  It really made me realize how much Detroit is dieing.  Such a contrast for the big cities.  Detroit is so condemned and vacant and abandoned.  It seems that Chicago offers so many public places for people to get out of their house and be alive.  Such a difference from Detroit.  I feel they are telling us to go inside, stay away from the crime and hide. 
Anyway......It was a great weekend.