Friday, September 20, 2013

TIgers game

 This is where we parked.  I know that it is an ugly abandoned building but I want some pics of what Detroit really looks like, everywhere.

 Eating Ballparks at the ball park.
 On the carousel

 Finally at the game.

 We stayed for 5 innings and then took off, It was getting late but also the kids didn't watch a lick of baseball.  I thought it would be cool because the Tigers were playing the Mariners, but alas we didn't get to watch much baseball, but we entertained the kids well.

 On the baseball Ferris wheel.  the kids loved it.  Who would have thought that I would have ridden 2 Ferris wheels only 3 days apart, one at the Tigers game and one in California.  Funny huh?

 In front of Comerica park.  Pretty sweet tiger.

mario and luigi

Carter loves Luigi so much that the color green isn't "green" it is "luigi time"  I had to figure that one out on my own.  I found these great costumes at the Good Will.  I bought 2 other costumes.  The boys love getting in costumes.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eliza's 1st day of 1st grade

Eliza's 1st day of 1st grade.  She has Mrs. Allemon.  She is a new teacher for 1st grade.  She has taught 5th grade before this.  Eliza loves school and has no problem leaving me. Carter missed her the first day. 

 Fenton 5 years old, Carter 2 1/2 years old
 Eliza at her school.


  •  We went to the discovery museum for the kids.  They love it and played and played.

 Carter climbed to the top of this play place all by himself.  He is getting so big.
 went to the drive-in with the Sant kids and the Carter kids.  Such a fun night.  The movie wasn't so great but the company was lovely.
We went to the zoo for Fenton's 5th birthday   He loves animals and he loved it.  They had an awesome bird show.  The birds were swoop right over our head.  Fenton loved the golden eagle.  What an awesome pic?   

 We went to another kids museum and Carter loved getting dressed up.
We had such a great time with Grandma and Grandpa.  They played with us and took us to such fun places.  We ate well.  We did a little service at the warehouse.  Eliza was so cute about helping.  We separated shoes and counted them.  She loved it and asked if she could do it when she was grown up.  We went to parks and went to the temple. 
We stayed a night with Blake and went and visited Melinda.  We stayed 10 days in Idaho.  It was awesome to be there and it felt like I still lived there.  Grandma and Grandpa were great to visit.  WE went out on the boat and I popped right on 1 ski.  Eliza tried skiing and they all went tubing, even Carter.  We had to deal with a little family drama but I feel we all tried to handle it with care and the spirit. 
I love my family and miss the west.  What a great LONG trip.

Hirschi family reunion

 We had a great family reunion with the Hirschi's.  Sadly David was not there.  David did a rotation in Conneticut for a month so we really missed him, but we still had a great time and made great memories.  Here Carter is playing cornhole by himself.  We all played a lot of corn hole all week long.  Milo made his own set and we had a tournament. 
 I was in charge of the fungulator.  We had a great time launching the balloons. 
  This was our one casualty of the flying water balloons.  When they hit you it stings real good, and it hit Sadie right in the chest.  Poor girl and even with a broken arm.
                This is how Carter was most of the time, in the dirt playing with pine needles and rocks.  What a good boy!
 Jason and Milo grilling up some great chicken. We ate really well this week.
 We played "minute to win it" one of the evening and had a great silly time.
 I made a fire in the morning.  I know that if David was there he would have made a fire every morning so I did it in his memory.
 We made rockets and had a rocket launcher and had a great time making them.  We launched them and they went super high.
 Carter loved playing with Allie because she was his size.  He would hug her and just play with her. 
 The kids with all of their rockets waiting to launch them

 I wore them out every day.  This was so sweet to see.
 This is what all of the kids feet looked like all week long.  What a fun time to get messy and play with cousins.  One afternoon Fenton came in and was covered with mud and all the cousins, Uncle Jason and Grandpa were all catching frogs.  They caught about 10 of them and played with them all afternoon and I am pretty sure they killed most  of them.
 We had a skit night and we played a little BYU football play and then sang the BYU fight song.  They loved it.
The girls cousins practiced and did a skit.  they sang "we are never getting back together" and Izzy had such a attitude it was adorable. We had enough extra cabins that the girls had a "girls cabin" and the boys had a "boys cabin" and they loved to just hang out with each other.  I barley saw the kids because they were having such a great time with their cousins.
The reunion was up at Ashton at a girls camp place with 7 A frame cabins.  It was great time to be with the Hirschis, although we really missed David

Summer 2013

This summer has been full of tennis lessons, swimming lessons and riding the bus to the park.  We have gone to the swimming pool everyday this summer.  The kids love it and have been so good.  Eliza is quite the swimmer.  She passed her swimming class and can tread water for 8 minutes!  Fenton did really well but didn't pass his class mainly because he isn't tall enough to touch the ground for the next class.  He is swimming really well.  Carter was brave and really loves to walk on  the ramp. 
They also did a tennis class but it was minimal.  I think that I work better with them, but it was just for them to learn from someone else. 
When we went West Eliza went through a swimming pool withdrawal because she asked me everyday if we could go swimming. 
The weather has been chilly considering it is summer.  It got over 90 degrees only for a week this summer.  Most days at the pool we were freezing.  Fenton had blue lips more than once.  Needless to say Michigan summers are fairly mild.

Colorado with the Osorios

Here is the beginning of our summer out West.  We flew in Friday at midnight and the next morning We drove to Colorado to visit our dear friends.  As soon as we showed up the kids played with each other as if they hadn't missed a beat.  Eliza and Ethan stayed up and talked and talked.  It was so cute to see them interact.  The other boys all got along super well and just had a great time.  I hardly saw them which is just what I wanted, they were playing with each other.  We love the Osorios and love to see them even if it is only once a year.