Friday, July 7, 2017

David Matched for Sports medicine fellowship

 David Matched at BYU for sport medicine fellowhship.  we are moving to Provo for a year!!!

David passed his boards exam!

I have staying in Bountiful with my mom while David finishes his last weeks in Pocatello.  He has surprised me twice by driving up and being with the family.  He surprised me on my birthday and he gave me a present and a card.  In the card was this letter of Congratulations that David passed his Family Medicine Board exam.  YEAH!!!!!  Best birthday ever.  Oh yah I got a pedicure with my sister, mom, and Eliza.  It was a great 38th birthday!

Small miracles at Lagoon

This is a small miracle but I don't want to forget it.
Eliza and I were at Lagoon for her clogging competition. I was walking around and found a quarter.  I picked it up thinking nothing of it.  About 45 minutes later I had to go to the bathroom and to my surprise I had started my period. Usually this isn't a problem because I have the necessities in my purse, but I didn't bring my purse because I was planning on riding rides and a purse just gets in the way.  So in a little of a panic I remember that I had a quarter in my pocket.  I was hoping that the product only cost a quarter.  I walked out of the stall with my one measly quarter hoping that it was save the day, of it sure did.  The cost for a tampon was one quarter.  I know it was simple but I know that it was a miracle for me.  Why would I have picked up a quarter?  before I had an accident?  I carried no cash because I was riding rides.  I am grateful to Heavenly Father who looks out for me even when I don't know it.