Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We had 2 weeks for spring break and we went up to Cascade.  My sister had a cabin that she let us barrow.  It was awesome.  We played ping pong, pool, the Wii, air hockey, foosball, games and went four wheeling.  They had a zip line that the kids loved to play on. What a great spring break!!!! 

 This is the lake at McCall.  It was still frozen over in April.  We got to walk on the lake.  It was a very cool unique experience.
 The kids thought it was warm enough to play in the water.  It was 69 degrees.  They just couldn't wait for summer,but we always get in the hot tub to warm up.
 Eliza's clogging team is doing very well.  They have won all of their competitions and Eliza is doing super great in her solos and freestyle.  

 There was a Albanian reunion but I wasn't able to make it so a few of the Motras met me at a McDonalds near by.  Our kids hit it off and want to play again.  I sure love my Motras and am grateful for their example to me on my mission.  I wish I could see them more often.
 We had a huge pile of limbs and branches that we cut off of our trees in the backyard.  I had to get rid of them.  I tried to do it the cheapest way possible.  I rented a uhaul and had the kids fill it up and empty it out at the local dump.  I hope they learn how to work.
 Special FHE at the local jump place in town.  The kids loved it!
 Our little van got to 200,000 miles.  This car has been so versitile in our life. We have used it to haul wood, pianos, kids, and much more.  I hope this little van keeps on kickin' a little longer.

 Eliza and I had a mom-daughter night at the church. It was so much fun.  We had lots of fun decorations and a ice cream bar. 
 We have been borrowing my mom's piano.  She said we could have it until she gets her real house.  Well, my parents bought a house and I felt it was my time to give back the piano.  There was a local piano sale so I went hoping to buy an affordable option for my little family.  I found an electric piano in just my price range.  I love that I don't ever have to move a big awkward piano again.  It is great for the kids to learn on.  It was perfect timing.

 Eliza competed in clogging at Lagoon and afterwards we rode rides with all of her friends.  It was her first time to an amusement park and she couldn't stop talking about it.  She loved it and was super brave and rode every ride.  She and I had a great time together. 
 Just me, Fenton, and Rusty. 

 Carter graduated from preschool.  He was so cute and loved his achievement.  This is his friend Landon.  

 Memorial day we have a tradition to go asparagus hunting.  I let the kids sit in the back of the van with the trunk door open and I go really slow as they look for asparagus.  I don't know the areas around Pocatello that would have asparagus so it was a bit of a treasure hunt but we did find 8 asparagus.  I cooked them up that night and the kids loved them. 
 Last day of school I had a water fight for when Eliza got home.  She just finished 3rd grade.  I lost the water fight.... I was soaked.

 We spent 3 weeks in Bountiful with my parents while David worked at the Children's hospital.  We had our cousins stay with us for a few days.  We went on a hike, to the Hill Airforce base museum, worked at Charity Anywhere warehouse, went to "This is the place monument". 
Rachael came up for a few days to help mom organize her new house.  We worked really hard for a week to move furniture, organize, throw away and make her house a peaceful retreat.  
 Rusty being cute

 David had one day off and we went to Lagoon as a family.  It was so fun.  The kids were really brave and didn't whine very much at all.  After going on a bunch of rides our heads were all rattled, we relaxed in Lagoon-a-beach.  It was fun to relax and bask in the sun.  

 Some more summer fun with papa and water.  
 The boys sharing a smoothie

 Carter and Parker playing rock-paper-scissors.  They are quite the pair.  We love living so close to cousins!
 Papa and Fenton watching the European cup together in the garage on an Iphone while the french fries cooked.  I just thought it was a cool bonding moment.

 4th of july in Idaho Falls with all the Hirschi family, lots of fun, food, parades, water guns, corn hole, sleeping outside in a tent and cousins.  We came home for the fireworks and watched them from our roof.  We had a great view and it was a lovely evening.  Our neighbors were letting off huge fireworks right over our heads.  It was so fun to be shocked every time a big boom went off.

 Tiffany drove from Kentucky for a month for a little WEST time.  This was the kids playing with the water guns.  They made up a little cheer to go with it.  So fun!
Fun at a park

This is pic from spring break at the cabin and Eliza was on the zip line.  She could have stayed on that all day.  The next day she saw that she had bruises all up and down her legs... but that didn't stop her from doing it the next day until we left.