Friday, July 7, 2017

Small miracles at Lagoon

This is a small miracle but I don't want to forget it.
Eliza and I were at Lagoon for her clogging competition. I was walking around and found a quarter.  I picked it up thinking nothing of it.  About 45 minutes later I had to go to the bathroom and to my surprise I had started my period. Usually this isn't a problem because I have the necessities in my purse, but I didn't bring my purse because I was planning on riding rides and a purse just gets in the way.  So in a little of a panic I remember that I had a quarter in my pocket.  I was hoping that the product only cost a quarter.  I walked out of the stall with my one measly quarter hoping that it was save the day, of it sure did.  The cost for a tampon was one quarter.  I know it was simple but I know that it was a miracle for me.  Why would I have picked up a quarter?  before I had an accident?  I carried no cash because I was riding rides.  I am grateful to Heavenly Father who looks out for me even when I don't know it.

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